Seat belts have saved thousands of lives across the US, including in the great state of Idaho. Because of their life-saving nature, seat belt laws in Idaho make it illegal for drivers and passengers to travel in vehicles without correct seat belt use. It’s essential that all citizens in Idaho have an understanding of Idaho seat belt laws.

Idaho Seat Belt Laws

Seat Belt Citations

  • Adult violators, 18 and older, are subject to a $10 citation.
  • An adult driver is ticketed ($10) for passengers younger than 18 who are not properly restrained.
  • If the driver is younger than 18 and the driver or any occupant younger than 18 fails to wear a seat belt, court costs are added to the fine.
  • A law enforcement officer can issue a citation solely for a safety restraint violation, but there must be another violation leading to the traffic stop.

For a complete explanation of the Idaho seat belt laws, visit the Idaho code 49-673. While seat belt laws in Idaho currently incur mild fines on violators, Idaho drivers need to be aware that laws in other US states sometimes have much higher citation costs. For the states sharing a border with Idaho:

  • Montana: $20.00
  • Nevada & Wyoming: $25.00
  • Utah: $45.00
  • Washington: $124.00
  • Oregon: $130.00

Idaho Seat Belt Laws Save Lives

The seat belt laws in Idaho impose fines to encourage compliance, but the real motivator behind the laws is to preserve human lives. A poll of seat belt usage by state suggests that about 80% of drivers in Idaho wear their seat belts each time they drive. The below graph shows the progression of seat belt use in Idaho:

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
74.0% 76.0% 79.8% 78.5% 76.9% 79.2% 77.9% 79.1% 79.0% 81.6%

While this data suggests a gradual increase in compliance with the seat belt laws in Idaho, there is plenty of room for improvement. Car accidents happen and drivers can decrease the severity of injuries for themselves and their passengers by choosing to wear a seat belt and making all passengers do the same. Studies suggest that the risk for serious injury during a car accident goes down as much as 50% if the person is properly wearing a seat belt.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp