Located at the intersection of the Snake River and the Clearwater River, Lewiston, Idaho, was originally a gold rush town. As of 2016, Lewiston has a population of 32,872.

To reach the office of Craig Swapp & Associates from Lewiston, Idaho, simply follow these directions:

  1. Head northwest on 21st St toward 19th Ave
  2. Follow US-95 S and ID-55 S to E Franklin Rd in Meridian
  3. Use any lane to turn right onto US-12 E
  4. Continue onto US-95 S
  5. Turn right onto Johnston Rd
  6. Turn right onto US-95 S
  7. Continue straight
  8. Turn left onto ID-55 S
  9. Turn right onto Boydstun St
  10. Continue onto Deinhard Ln
  11. Turn right onto ID-55 S/S 3rd St
  12. Continue to follow ID-55 S
  13. Turn right onto ID-44 W/ID-55 S/E State St
  14. Continue to follow ID-44 W/ID-55 S
  15. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto ID-55 S/S Eagle Rd
  16. Turn right onto E Franklin Rd
  17. Craig Swapp & Associates will be on the left at 3071 E Franklin Rd #302