Are you struggling to cope after being severely injured in a construction accident? If so, contact a dedicated construction accident lawyer in Colorado for help.

The construction industry is known as one of the most dangerous to work in. It is not uncommon for construction workers and others who work on construction sites to suffer from debilitating injuries after an accident. Traumatic brain damage, loss of limbs, post-traumatic stress disorder, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and paralysis are just a few examples of the types of injuries someone could endure in a construction accident.

When someone else’s negligence or misconduct is the cause of your construction accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A respected Colorado construction accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates could help you maximize your injury settlement and bring the culpable party to justice. 

Below, we go into further detail about some of the most common types of construction accidents in Colorado and the various damages you might recover in your lawsuit.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Colorado

When you work on or around construction sites, you have likely seen your fair share of accidents. But not every construction accident case goes to court. That said, there are some types of construction accidents that end up in Colorado courts more frequently than others. Some of the more common construction accidents seen in civil court include:

  • Explosions
  • Getting hit by machinery
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Falls from elevated heights
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Crushings 
  • Crane or hoist accidents
  • Trench accidents
  • Forklift accidents

These are only a few of the different types of construction accidents that you could have been injured in. If you have an injury in another type of accident that was not described on this page, you may still have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a construction accident lawyer in Colorado to find out what your legal options are.

Damages Colorado Construction Accident Victims Could Recover

After a construction accident in Colorado, your entire life could be changed. You might experience financial, emotional, and physical trauma as a result of your injuries. The good news is that you can recover your losses in a couple of different ways. 

First, you may be able to file a claim with an insurance company. Whatever damages you cannot recover through the insurance company you can then seek in a construction accident claim. Some of the various financial and non-financial losses you could recover in your lawsuit include:

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Colorado

When you are severely injured in a construction accident and are unsure where to turn for help, get in touch with an experienced Colorado construction accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. If we are able to take on your case, you can trust that our team of legal professionals will be fighting for the compensation that is rightfully yours. 

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