Injured in a Montana construction accident? Your lawyer can help you get compensated when you’re hurt and suffering because of another party’s negligence.

Construction zones can be dangerous places, with heavy machinery, moving vehicles, and other hazards. But with due care, these zones can be navigated safely. 

Unfortunately, someone may have been careless with your safety, leading to a devastating accident. When this happens, you may need an injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to recover from your injuries. Your Montana construction accident lawyer can help you navigate the details of a construction accident claim. 

Personal Injury or Workers Comp? 

When you’re hurt in a construction accident, you may be unsure where to turn, especially if you’re a worker. Are you eligible for workers compensation, or should you file a lawsuit for your claim? 

Depending on the details of your claim, even workers may be eligible for a lawsuit after a construction accident. For example, you may have been injured by a third party, or you may have been injured because your employer acted recklessly and put your safety in danger. 

Because of this, you may need to speak with your Montana construction accident attorney before you file a claim. Your lawyer can review your options and help you determine your best path to success. 

Liability for a Montana Construction Accident Claim

Before you take your Montana construction accident claim to court, you need to know who’s liable for your injuries and your suffering. If you’re unsure who’s at fault, it’s easy to prolong your claim or make a costly mistake. 

Your lawyer can help you pinpoint the liable party for your claim. Often, this party is the property owner. They’re responsible for injuries that happen on their property, even if they didn’t cause the accident. 

In other cases, you may need to seek compensation from a third party that may have caused the accident. For example, a manufacturer may have created faulty brakes that led to an accident. Talk to your lawyer about the details of your claim before you file. 

Compensation for Montana Construction Accident Victims

When you’re injured in a construction accident, you need compensation that covers all the losses and impacts of your injury, also called damages. These damages should cover both your economic and non-economic suffering. That means you’re due compensation for both the financial and emotional suffering you experienced. 

Struggling to determine what your claim is worth? Your lawyer can help. Montana residents may be eligible for the following damages, among others: 

Speak with a Construction Accident Lawyer in Montana

A construction accident can leave you suffering through devastating injuries that you may struggle to recover from. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with the aftermath of the accident on your own. 

Your Montana construction accident lawyer is here to help you succeed. Start with a free consultation, and the lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can represent you while you focus on your recovery. To learn more about our services, call 1-800-404-9000 or complete the online contact form below. 

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