If a defective product causes you physical, emotional, and financial losses, get help to recover compensation when you call an experienced defective product lawyer in Washington.

Consumers can’t always trust the items they purchase are going to be safe. Products become defective all the time. And when they malfunction causing critical injuries, it may entitle injury victims to financial compensation. 

The thought of pursuing a lawsuit may seem impossible while you are recovering from your injuries. But with a compassionate Washington defective product lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates by your side, you can focus your energy on healing while your legal advocate fights for your right to restitution.

Continue reading to learn more about when you might sue for a defective product accident in Washington and who might be at fault for your injuries.

When to Sue for an Injury Caused by a Defective Product in Washington

Many victims who were injured by defective products are hesitant to contact an attorney. This is typically because they are unsure they have grounds for a lawsuit. There are two primary ways you can determine whether you have the right to financial compensation. 

The first is if someone else is responsible for causing your injuries. In defective products cases, it may be difficult to determine whether someone else is at fault on your own. But contacting an attorney is a great way to find out. 

If you are sitting in your University of Washington Medical Center hospital bed wondering whether you should call a lawyer, you can ask yourself this question, “Have or will my injuries have an impact on my life?”. If the answer is yes, it is important you reach out to a defective product lawyer who can help you get justice.

Who Is At-Fault for Your Washington Defective Product Injuries

Product liability cases are unique because there are many different parties who have an obligation to the consumer. This also means these parties can be held accountable for the injuries caused by their defective products. Some of the various parties who could be named as defendants in your Washington defective product claim include:

  • Product designers
  • Product manufacturers 
  • Product distributors
  • Companies that sell the product
  • The company that owns the product 
  • Safety inspectors 
  • Other third parties 

Your attorney will need to conduct an in-depth investigation into the details of your case in order to determine which parties are at fault for your injuries. As part of this process, we will figure out whether a design defect, failure to warn, or manufacturing defect was the cause of your injuries. This will go a long way in building a case against the liable party.

Meet with a Defective Product Lawyer in Washington

When a product malfunctions or is faulty and causes you catastrophic injuries, you may have grounds for a civil claim. A reputable Washington defective product lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates can help you explore your legal options for financial recovery. When you are ready to schedule your no-cost, risk-free claim review, call our office at 1-800-404-9000. Or complete our convenient contact form and we will be in touch to discuss the specific details of your case.

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