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Truck Accident Lawyer Utah

After being in an accident with a semi, call a truck accident lawyer in Utah. Big trucks are essential for transportation of goods across the country. When you want strawberries in January, you are depending on a semi to get them to your local grocery store. Most of the time, these trips are made without incident. However, truckers drive for long hours and often in bad weather conditions. Fatigue, traffic, weather, and distractions can all lead to accidents. If you were the victim of one, you need legal help to ensure that your rights are protected.

Truck Accident Statisticstruck-accident-lawyer-utah-1

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, truck related fatalities are down. That is the good news. However, truck accidents tend to cause more serious injuries due to the sheer size of the truck in comparison to the average car. To make sure you receive the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and lost wages, you need the help of an attorney.

You Are Not Alone

Being hit by a truck is a traumatic event, so much so that many people are afraid to drive afterward. Just remember that you are not alone. We are here to help you and can even handle the relationship with your insurance company so you can devote all your attention to your recovery.

Protect Your Rights by Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Utahtruck-accident-lawyer-utah-2

One of the ways we protect your rights is to ensure that you get your day in court. In Utah, you have to file before the statute of limitations is reached or your case could be thrown out, meaning that the case will not be heard. As a result, you should file your claim prior to three years after your accident to ensure that you can go after both property damage and personal injury.

A Truck Accident Lawyer in Utah Looks Beyond Your Medical Bills

Once you have retained our firm, we will go to work gathering evidence and trying to place a value on your claim. We start by looking at what you have paid in medical bills to date and what you are likely to pay in the future. This, however, is not where it ends. We also take into consideration how much time you have missed from work due to the accident and subsequent doctors’ appointments. We will also consider whether or not you can return to your normal job duties, if you are still able to drive yourself, if you require additional care for you or your children, etc. We look at the whole picture, so you and your family do not have to suffer financially due to the wreck.

Determining Negligence

Before filing a lawsuit, we need to identify all parties that were involved and determine the role they played in the accident. This is important for determining negligence, and it is more complicated than if you were hit by another driver. A truck driver could have been working for a company at the time of the wreck. As such, we will evaluate things like whether or not the truck was maintained correctly, if the driver had the correct license and was properly trained, if they got the required amount of rest, etc. These questions and the answers to them will help us determine who was to blame for your accident, so we can name the appropriate parties in the lawsuit.

Prepare to Go to Courttruck-accident-lawyer-utah-3

You should prepare to go to court from the moment you are first hit. While we can certainly try to settle your claim, there is no guarantee you will receive a fair settlement offer. For this reason, we always plan to go to court and prepare accordingly. Gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses are two of the things we do in anticipation. This way, we are prepared regardless of the track your case takes, and you have the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

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