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Dawn Smith

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending these guys to anyone!! They’re absolutely amazing! The way they handled my case when it was passed to them with only 6 months before the statute ran out, was incredible! Michelle Gonzales and Paul Swainston are a force to be reckoned with in the law field!!!!

Bryson N.

They were fantastic in dealing with everything. Fast efficient and did the job they promised they would do.

Lynita Akenhead

I had a great experience working with Craig Swapp. I’m very satisfied with their business.

Bryson N.

They were fantastic in dealing with everything. Fast efficient and did the job they promised they would do

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Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyer

Craig Swapp & Associates are waiting to speak to you now through a phone or chat conversation. Getting help for your Salt Lake city personal injury case is easy, fast, and free. Get in touch today and find out what your new Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can do for your case.


What Makes a Personal Injury Claim?

The components of a personal injury claim consists of more than just being hurt. That is, of course, an important factor, but there are other things to consider. To build a strong case, it is best that you:

  1. Have insurance. While a few cases can have success without you having insurance, keeping your policy up-to-date is really your best bet. Not only does it give you security, but it can help you get through your bills until your settlement is won. It is usually just as important that the opposite party have insurance as well.
  2. Are not at fault. You can really only pursue a lawsuit against a company or person if you were not at fault for your own injuries. Even further, it is best to have some form of proof that you are not liable.
  3. See a doctor. Without the official confirmation of your injuries, it will be hard to prove how hurt you really are. Not only that, but your compensation is based widely on your medical bills, which are nonexistent if you never seek medical care.
  4. Consult a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer. Even if, for some reason, your case does not qualify for a personal injury claim, it’s always best to call an attorney’s office to inquire. There is no harm in a consultation that is free, and they can point you in the right direction. Help is only a quick phone call away at 801-919-8899 in Salt Lake, or toll free at 888-251-7671.


Why Choose Craig Swapp as Your Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury law is not something that just anyone can perfect. One should be aware of the current legal guidelines surrounding your specific case type, and be able to explain those laws to you. We can do that.

In addition, the law requires that the attorney you hire be legally allowed to practice in the state in which your accident occurred. Therefore, if you were harmed in Salt Lake City, there is no reason for Craig Swapp & Associates not to be your personal injury attorney – we cover cases across the state of Utah. Connect with us right now by taking part in a live chat or quick phone conversation.

  We’re ready to talk at 888-251-7671.