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What Makes a Personal Injury Claim?

The components of a personal injury claim consists of more than just being hurt. That is, of course, an important factor, but there are other things to consider. To build a strong case, it is best that you:

  1. Have insurance. While a few cases can have success without you having insurance, keeping your policy up-to-date is really your best bet. Not only does it give you security, but it can help you get through your bills until your settlement is won. It is usually just as important that the opposite party have insurance as well.
  2. Are not at fault. You can really only pursue a lawsuit against a company or person if you were not at fault for your own injuries. Even further, it is best to have some form of proof that you are not liable.
  3. See a doctor. Without the official confirmation of your injuries, it will be hard to prove how hurt you really are. Not only that, but your compensation is based widely on your medical bills, which are nonexistent if you never seek medical care.
  4. Consult a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer. Even if, for some reason, your case does not qualify for a personal injury claim, it’s always best to call an attorney’s office to inquire. There is no harm in a consultation that is free, and they can point you in the right direction. Help is only a quick phone call away at 801-919-8899 in Salt Lake, or toll free at 888-251-7671.


Why Choose Craig Swapp as Your Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury law is not something that just anyone can perfect. One should be aware of the current legal guidelines surrounding your specific case type, and be able to explain those laws to you. We can do that.

In addition, the law requires that the attorney you hire be legally allowed to practice in the state in which your accident occurred. Therefore, if you were harmed in Salt Lake City, there is no reason for Craig Swapp & Associates not to be your personal injury attorney – we cover cases across the state of Utah. Connect with us right now by taking part in a live chat or quick phone conversation.

  We’re ready to talk at 888-251-7671.

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The law is very confusing and with a great attorney that can sit with the client and explain, no matter how many times the client needs explained to. I had a good experience and at one point thought I was being just put to the side. Again, explanations are helpful so my attorney explained again. Read the full article…

· 12/01/2016 · 5 stars


I have been working with Vanessa Price for about 7 months now and my claim is just about to be completed and so far she has been amazing. Answering all my questions and returning my calls. I have been very happy with the process so far and hope to get it completed soon. I have Read the full article…

· 08/01/2016 · 5 stars


I was in a car accident where the driver that rear ended me had no drivers license or insurance! My car damage alone was over $8,000. And then there was my whip lash that I will struggle with the rest of my life! Lee Peterson from Craig Swapp made me feel like I had support Read the full article…

· 07/01/2016 · 5 stars


I was involved in a 3 car pileup on the freeway last year. I started seeing a chiropractor right away for some back issues. My Chiropracter referred me to Craig Swap and associates. Bobby Udall was assigned to my case. He was very friendly, professional and very straight forward. He always told me and explained Read the full article…

· 07/01/2016 · 5 stars


Unfortunately accidents happen, you would like to hope that when they do you are close to your home, but if you travel this is not always the case. And in our particular case we were 1000 miles from home in a motorhome and our tow vehicle which we use for daily driving while we are Read the full article…

· 28/12/2015 · 5 stars


My experience with Craig Swapp & Associates was good. They were available when I had questions or concerns and they understood my frustrations as the case drug on.

· 19/12/2015 · 5 stars


Danielle has been there for me from the beginning, and she’s seeing this case through to the end! Any time I talk to her, even when I am frustrated with the legal process, she is understanding and helps in what ever way she can. Her door is always open if I have any questions, and Read the full article…

· 19/12/2015 · 5 stars


They have been very helpful and friendly since day one!

· 18/12/2015 · 5 stars


I really didn’t know where to turn when the insurance company offered me a ridiculously low amount of money to cover my medical costs. I made a tentative call and was given to Robin. She made things happen and took good care of me. Right away I knew I’d made the correct choice. I can’t Read the full article…

· 18/12/2015 · 5 stars


Since the day after my accident happened, Robin and the staff at Craig Swapp have been nothing short of amazing. I have gotten advice and help through an already difficult and stressful time with the feeling that I was truly cared about and that my best interest was their motivation. I have not one hesitation Read the full article…

· 17/12/2015 · 5 stars


I was rear ended while on my lunch at work. I was getting nowhere with either my insurance company or the other drivers insurance company. Michelle was amazing throughout the entire experience. She sent her colleague to take my statement while on my lunch break so I did not have to miss work. The firm Read the full article…

· 17/12/2015 · 5 stars


I had the best experience after my auto accident. Truthful, upfront legal advice. Personalized friendly customer support. I had no calls from medical bill collectors and my rehabilitation was extensive. My settlement was more than I expected to receive. I highly recommend Craig Swapp for a worry free experience. Thank you Christian!

· 16/12/2015 · 5 stars


Randy and Jenny were awesome, very helpful, stayed in contact every step of the way. Craig Swapp and associates were the only law firm that was willing to look at my claim, the other major local law firms did not even want to give me a second thought, one of the others firms told me Read the full article…

· 16/12/2015 · 5 stars


Craig Swapp & Associates was not only professional, but caring and understanding of me and my family after my motorcycle accident. They not only took away the worry of dealing with the insurance companies and paying my medical bills, but also showed great concern for my well being. They emphasized that I should focus more Read the full article…

· 15/12/2015 · 5 stars


Craig Swapp made everything seamless for me after my accident. They took care of all the small stressful details so I didn’t have to and could focus on getting better. Thank you to Michelle and Paul!

· 15/12/2015 · 5 stars


Got rear ended in an automobile accident – called his attorney firm – everything was turnkey and professional – I’d definitely use them again – they are fantastic – they did Not coach me to say any of this – all of this is what I really believe.

· 14/12/2015 · 5 stars


I had Robyn Erkkila working as the legal assistant on my claim. She was extremely helpful, informative and pleasant to work with during the entire process. It was so nice having someone that answered all my questions, kept in regular contact and showed genuine concern for me and my claim. Thanks Robyn!

· 10/12/2015 · 5 stars


I have been working with Robyn Erkkila at Craig Swapp after a car accident I was in. I was referred to them by my sister who used them for a car accident she was in. I have a complicated case because it was also a work related accident. Robyn has been awesome to work with. Read the full article…

· 07/12/2015 · 5 stars


From start to finish this was a wonderful experience!! The agent met me at my office, ONCE, and until I was invited down to pick up my settlement check I never had to meet with anyone again. We had a few informative and quick phone conversations (mostly updates, which I was happy to get!!) When Read the full article…

· 02/12/2015 · 5 stars


I wanted to say thank you to Robyn, Bret and Veloy for making the best out of a terrible situation. Robyn was great to work with always took my calls or called me back right away and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Again thank you Robyn for going above and Read the full article…

· 01/12/2015 · 5 stars


We had the best leagal assistants helping our case Alicia duffy and RJ at the Spokane Wa Craig Swapp Office. They helped me get a fair settlement and worked very hard for us. They had the best communication via Phone or email with me. We 100% recommend this law firm to represent you. Thank you Read the full article…

· 01/12/2015 · 5 stars


We had a little bit of a rough start, but after some internal changes, everything was handled in a professional manner. Melissa went above and beyond the norm to ensure that my paperwork was received by medical professionals and processed in a timely manner..I would highly recommend Craig Swapp and Associates.

· 01/12/2015 · 5 stars


they made the process simple and easy, they were helpful and always kept me up to date along the way.

· 01/12/2015 · 5 stars


Felt like they really cared for me as a client, I would definitely go to this firm again. My assigned lawyer did great in keeping me informed throughout my case.

· 01/12/2015 · 5 stars


Michelle Gonzalez has always been more than helpful with everything that I need….She answers every email and every phone call and is more than happy to do it…She is always up to date on all the legalities of your case and stays in touch with you as much as you need…She is very much an Read the full article…

· 25/11/2015 · 5 stars


The Craig Swapp team kept me up to date with what was going on with my case and gave me counsel and advice as to what my options were and what I should do. They were very helpful and I would recommend using them is you are ever in an auto accident.

· 24/11/2015 · 5 stars


Craig Swapp and Associates made a painful and challenging ordeal in my life much a more manageable. I would have been completely lost without their attentive guidance. Robin was particularly fantastic – always patient and available. Over the months of treatment, I sent email after email with questions which she always responded to in a Read the full article…

· 23/11/2015 · 5 stars


I was rear-ended by a tow truck with a car attached while sitting at a stop light. Thankfully I was alone heading home to my family from work. I was hurt during this accident. However the truck drivers insurance company stated that it was partially my fault (keep in mind i was at a stop Read the full article…

· 21/11/2015 · 5 stars


I was in a horrific, fatal motorcycle accident with the love of my life on 5/3/15.. He passed away and I lived through a nightmare I never saw coming. Not only did I loose the love of my life, my family lost a father, and we were literally robbed while I was in surgery. I Read the full article…

· 20/11/2015 · 5 stars


I had the pleasure to work with Vanessa Price. She worked diligently on my case and was always very quick to answer any of my questions and returning my phone calls. She also was constantly keeping me in the loop to what was going on and explaing what the next steps were and a timeline Read the full article…

· 19/11/2015 · 5 stars


Everyone at this office was very friendly and offered assistance. My questions were answered in a very timely manner.

· 19/11/2015 · 5 stars


Robyn has been so good to work with. I couldn’t have made it with out her.

· 19/11/2015 · 5 stars


The attorneys and Robyn were very helpful in coordinating my family’s personal injury claims in 3 separate accidents over the past several years. Craig Swapp & Associates do a great job in taking care of all our personal injury legal needs. I would highly recommend the attorneys and Robyn there. Neil

· 19/11/2015 · 5 stars


Not only was Robyn very well organized and down to business with the insurance companies and medical facilities, she was always concern with how I was personally progressing. Even after all was said and done, and my case was settled she called to see how I was feeling.

· 18/11/2015 · 5 stars


I would highly recommend Robyn at Craig Swapp to work with she is very personal and friendly. And when you need her she is there for you any time. She helps you understand what they do and what they need. She is the only one i would send family and friends to if they ever Read the full article…

· 18/11/2015 · 5 stars


I have had a great time working with Robyn she is always on top of things and communicates well! Thank you for all your help!

· 17/11/2015 · 5 stars


Two years ago it seemed that everything in my life that could go wrong was well under way. Being rear-ended in an auto accident just sent everything over the edge and added many new problems to my life. I found myself overwhelmed with trying to get better and handle the hassle of insurances, claims, doctors Read the full article…

· 17/11/2015 · 5 stars


I have been a client of Bobby Udall now twice for an accident and each time I truly have felt that I was a friend of Bobby’s and not a client. It was unbelievable how hard him and his staff worked for me. My cases were resolved in a timely fashion and no matter how Read the full article…

· 17/11/2015 · 5 stars


Our accident was probably one of the worst experiences my son and I had. The one bright spot from the accident was Craig Swapp and Associates being there when we called. While on the outside, the case seemed kind of straightforward, we found out it was anything but that. It was confusing and there were Read the full article…

· 17/11/2015 · 5 stars


This was a long case due to my injuries being resolved. Leroy Peterson Jr. my attorney and Teri A. Bracken his paralegal were there for me and consistently available to answer my questions. With every call i made they were always kind and understanding. They walked me through it like i was a friend and Read the full article…

· 16/11/2015 · 5 stars


My journey was a long one. Obviously, that wasn’t the fault of Craig Swapp but I am so happy it’s finally over with! The get go was a little bumpy, trying to get all the information together. Trying to remember where I’d been and what I’d been seen for. But with consistent checking, Craig Swapp Read the full article…

· 13/11/2015 · 5 stars


Paul stayed dedicated for an entire year until all issues were resolved in the very best manner for me!

· 13/11/2015 · 5 stars


We are still in the middle of my case. I would like to thank Cynthia Vickers for her customer service. She is very caring and professional all in one …. Customer service is what makes a great company. Doing a great job. Thanks.

· 12/11/2015 · 5 stars


My elderly parents were T-boned in an intersection by a driver that ran the red light. The other driver was fine, but both my mother and father had to be transported to the E.R, The ironic part was, they were driving to the hospital as my mom was scheduled for by-pass surgery that morning. Needless Read the full article…

· 10/11/2015 · 5 stars


Hola, mi nombre es Jesus Valle y quiero contarte sobre mi experiencia con la firma de Craig Swapp And Associates. lla que ellos tienen personas muy bien entrenadas y capacitadas para poder alludar a sus pacientes que son víctimas de accidentes como en mi caso y por eso le agradesco a la señorita Cynthia Vickers Read the full article…

· 10/11/2015 · 5 stars


My experience didn’t start off so well as I eventually had I believe 3 lawyers assigned to me (not sure what happened to the first 2) & finally I was left in the hands of Steve. I was obviously hesitant at first seeing as how they kept dropping like flies, but in the end, Steve Read the full article…

· 09/11/2015 · 5 stars


I hired Craig Swapp & Associates to help me with a car accident. The insurance company offered me less than it cost for my medical bills. They worked hard to get me what I was deserving of after I was injured. They are diligent and extreme communicative. Would recommend anyone to their agency.

· 06/11/2015 · 5 stars


I worked with Stephen Redd and he was amazing! He made me feel so calm and walked me through everything. He never made me feel like my concerns or questions were silly. He made everything I went through smooth and easy. Everyone I worked with was fabulous! I would highly recommend Craig Swapp to anyone!

· 06/11/2015 · 5 stars


Robyn Erkkila has given very wise advice and kept us informed continually. Her compassionate attitude is sincere and comforting during the whole legal process. Without her advice we would not have known what we should do or when. Brett Benson has also given wise council. We will always go to Craig Swapp and Associates for Read the full article…

· 04/11/2015 · 5 stars


I would recommend these guys to anyone, They have been wonderful to work with. Robyn has been very helpful, and her communication is outstanding. She calls me with updates and keeps me in the loop with everything and for that I am extremely satisfied and grateful.

· 03/11/2015 · 5 stars


I was so impressed with Paul, Amanda and Craig Swapp & Associates! They were very helpful and supportive and made this stressful experience in my life so much easier to cope with. They made sure I was taken care of and treated fairly. They were very helpful through the whole process. I will highly recommend Read the full article…

· 29/10/2015 · 5 stars


The car accident put me in a hospital. I never thought about contacting lawyers until finding out the car that hit me was stolen. My car insurance wanted to pay at minimum which covered only a small fraction of all the bills. A friend referred Craig Swapp. Paul Child and Amanda took care of my Read the full article…

· 28/10/2015 · 5 stars


Thank you Paul & Crissy Childs of Craig Swapp & Associates. We were re-ferred to their office by our Chiropractor, after an Auto Accicent. We made the ‘One call that’s All,’ & Chrissy took over from there. Their office sent an Interviewer to our home, next day. Chrissy kept in contact by phone & e-mail, Read the full article…

· 27/10/2015 · 5 stars


I was involved in a serious car accident there were no witnesses.it was early in the morning. I was Tboned by a young girl that ran a stoplight I was hurt bad I broke my right arm had to have Surgery I am self employed I couldnt work for four months I was very frustrated Read the full article…

· 20/10/2015 · 5 stars


I wouldn’t hesitate recommending these guys to anyone!! They’re absolutely amazing! The way they handled my case when it was passed to them with only 6 months before the statute ran out, was incredible! Michelle Gonzales and Paul Swainston are a force to be reckoned with in the law field!!!!

· 15/01/2015 · 5 stars


They were fantastic in dealing with everything. Fast efficient and did the job they promised they would do.

· 11/06/2015 · 5 stars


I had a great experience working with Craig Swapp. I’m very satisfied with their business.

· 2/4/15 · 5 stars