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Craig Swapp Settlements $1,000,000.00 Client was rear-ended when a truck driver looked down at a map and didn’t notice traffic slowing. WHAT’S MY CASE WORTH?

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law is a complex minefield of legal traps and pitfalls – thanks to the games played by insurance companies. That’s why having an experienced legal team by your side is critical to the success of your case.

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When you’ve been in an accident, having the right attorney handling your case is the most important decision you’ll make.

Our legal experts at Craig Swapp & Associates are available right now to speak to you now through a phone or chat conversation. Getting help for your personal injury case is easy, fast, and free.

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Salt Lake City Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer


9980 300 W #400 Sandy, UT 84070
I thought it might not be worth pursuing
My biggest fear was that it would be pointless to pursue legal action in my case. I felt like maybe I didn't have much of a case. After speaking with Paul, I realize it was not of my own fault and that others can be held responsible for the pain and suffering I went through. - , West Jordan, UT
I thought my case was too small
I was afraid that my issue was too small to be handled, and that it would just be rejected. Or that I'd end up having to pay for my medical expenses and any of your teams expenses. I would definitely answer yes, it was resolved! I wasn't ever made out to feel like my little issue didn't matter, and my expenses were paid for- just what I wanted/needed. - , Caldwell, ID
I thought I couldn’t afford a lawyer
I was afraid of the fees I would have to pay a lawyer. I waited over a year before hiring your law firm. I finally reached out to your online help where they were able to help me understand the process and what would happen. In all honesty I absolutely loved working with the individuals that were involved in my case. They were genuine & heartfelt about my case. It felt as though they really cared and were concerned about me, not just as a client but as a person. - , Salt Lake City, UT
I was afraid the insurance wouldn’t cover my injuries
My biggest fear was not having all the expenses caused by the accident paid for in full. I was assured they would be taken care of but I admit I was skeptical. When we wrapped everything up (which happened quicker than I was originally told) I had extra money in my pocket. I honestly thought there was a catch but my attorney explained everything to me in detail. If I am ever in that position again I'll be giving Craig Swapp a call.
Robert N., Spokane, WA
I was concerned with all the paperwork
Before calling your firm I had 2 big worries. One was I didn’t want to do more paper work, and that fear was resolved when I had to do very little, but Craig Swapp and Assoc. did most of it, and when I did have to come in to sign papers they worked around the times I could do it. Worry 2 was I didn’t want people to think I was “sue happy” and that I was just out to get money. I just wanted my bills to be paid for that were from the accident, and that was resolved I think by Mr. Wes Mortenson and Theresa because they listened to what I had to say.
Amber W., Spokane, WA


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