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Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer

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Seeking an Attorney for your Personal Injury?

Spokane, Washington: where the bustling sidewalks are lined with knee-high lilacs. Subtle mountain peaks and city lights dot the evening background as water rushes through the Monroe Street Dam. It’s a beautiful city, full of life. In fact, over 200,000 people call Spokane home – making it the second largest city in the state. As you can imagine, personal injury is something that this place sees every day, which makes our duty as a Spokane personal injury lawyer firm extra important. We’re here to protect your rights when someone has caused you accidental harm. Never hesitate to rely on Craig Swapp & Associates when you need a personal injury attorney here or any surrounding area. Contact us at (509) 822-5882 to get your claim started today.


Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal Injury in Spokane, WA

Our Lawyers Can Handle Them All!

There are so many different types of cases that a personal injury attorney can help you through. Below is a short list of personal injuries that we’ve assisted clients with in the past. You can find out more about what we handle by calling a lawyer right now at 509-822-5882.

  • Wrongful Death
  • Car, Truck, and Other Vehicle Crashes
  • Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
  • Dog and Other Animal Bites
  • Premises Liability or Slip and Falls
  • Many others!


An Important Notice From an Attorney Regarding Personal Injury

While hiring a personal injury lawyer is a vital step in creating a successful claim, your health should never be neglected in order to do so. Seek the medical attention you need first, and make sure every visit, diagnosis and treatment is well documented. Nothing is more important than taking care of your body – especially after it has been forced into such a stressful encounter. Even if you don’t immediately feel pain, this step cannot be skipped. For more information, feel free to consult our Spokane personal injury lawyer firm at any time.


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Listen to what our clients are saying:

Great Organization – I contacted Craig Swapp & Associates after an accident I was involved in where the drivers insurance was not able to cover all my medical costs and left me with huge medical bills that i was unable to afford. After contacting Craig Swapp & Associates they sent a person out to speak with me at my home and he assured me they would do everything to get those medical bills paid for me as well as reimbursement for my pain and suffering. They did an excellent job and all my medical bills were paid along with some extra that i was able to use to pay off a credit card that had been charged while i was unable to work. Their customer service is excellent and their representatives and paralegals are very knowledgeable and considerate. Jennifer took a lot of my phone calls and answered all of my concerns and questions with compassion and understanding. She held my hand through the process and kept my mind at peace. She is an excellent asset to their organization and her knowledge and compassion superseded all of my expectations in relation to my case. I now have a constant peace of mind and am able to leave the past behind me all because of Jennifer and Craig Swapp & Associates. --Raina
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