Announcement for Washington State Citizens

Craig Swapp has teamed with KREM TV to promote Kid Safety issues. On the event calendar are several times and places where you can go to get your car seat examined. It is estimated that nearly 95% of car seats are improperly installed. Get yours checked for free at any of the locations available for a check-up.) It’s always tragic to hear of a child seriously injured or killed through an accident.

Most accidents involving children are preventable, and a few simple precautions by parents can ensure the safety of your child:

  • Always be aware of your child’s whereabouts and activities, especially around water (bathtubs, pools, Jacuzzis, streams, ponds, etc.)
  • Conduct a safety audit of your home, looking for possible dangers to your child. For example, move beyond reach any sharp objects, dangerous chemicals, or prescription/OTC drugs. It’s also important to be watchful for open windows and unprotected stairs (for toddlers).
  • Develop a habit of walking behind your car before backing up, to ensure no children are there. When buying a new car, make sure it includes a back-up camera.

Periodically, we post on our Facebook page, reminders to families about common-sense Kid Safe tips. Here is a collection of our most recent entries:

With warm summer days come open windows, and the risk of children falling from dangerous heights. Remember that screens are only good for keeping bugs out, not keeping children in. Use window guards or stops (with quick release in case of fire), and do not place furniture under windows for children to climb on. This summer, be “Kid Safe!”

With summer here, many children will be out riding their bikes. Sadly, 300,000 kids end up in the ER from bike accidents each year. Now is a good time to remind them about the basic rules of the road, wearing helmets, and watching out for traffic. Think “kid safety” first.

Horseplay can have serious consequences. We just won a verdict for a mom whose teenage son died when standing in the back of a pickup truck. The driver decided to suddenly lurch the truck forward, causing the son to fall and suffer a brain injury. The insurance company denied coverage, but we were able to prevail for the family. Sadly, this wouldn’t have happened if the young driver had used some common sense.

Moms and Dads, if your baby is beginning to crawl, here’s something to think about: Each year babies and toddlers have 2.3 million fall-related injuries. Sadly, over 100 die. Make sure you install gates at the top and bottom of your stairs, and do not leave babies unattended on countertops or furniture. Remember to make your home “Kid Safe!”

With many families heading to the great outdoors to camp, it’s sobering to hear reports of people being swept away by the high-running rivers, streams and canals. Children are especially drawn to the sound and action of these fast-moving waters. Educate your children about the dangers of playing near water. And, keep an eye on them at all times. This summer, let’s be “Kid Safe!”

For more information about Kid Safety, follow these helpful links:
(A great place to look for current recall information concerning cribs, toys, etc.) (Provides valuable tips on how to protect your child and information on missing children)
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