Car Accident

Don’t allow a negligent driver’s poor decision to leave you buried in medical debt and other losses. Get the compensation you are due by seeking help from a vehicle wreck lawyer.

You don’t have to suffer the losses created by an auto wreck uncompensated. Get a settlement to cover your damages by working with a Washington auto collision lawyer.

An injury suffered in a car accident where someone else was at fault deserve to be fully compensated. Sadly, getting the money you are entitled to means dealing with the other driver’s insurer, who is all but guaranteed to be more interested in protecting their profit margins than with providing you with a full settlement.

A Washington car accident attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get the compensation you are legally entitled to. We can build a case that puts you in a strong negotiating position and give you the best possible chance for achieving the ideal resolution to your crash case.

Prove Who Caused Your Traffic Accident

Because Washington is a comparative negligence state, the insurance company will try to prove that you caused the wreck rather than their client. Without a strong case, your claim for compensation is more likely to go to trial than to settle out of court, and the more fault they can convince a jury that you were responsible for, the more it will reduce your potential payout.

By working with a Washington car crash lawyer from our firm, you can potentially avoid all of this. We’ll investigate the accident scene and interview witnesses so that you’ll have a powerful case come negotiation time. The stronger your case, the more likely the insurer is to settle according to your terms.

These are just a few of the potential causes that might prove the fault of the other party and who might be liable:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving involving alcohol or drugs
  • Fatigued driving
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Defective car parts or tires

A Full Crash Settlement to Cover All of Your Injuries and Losses

Car Accident Lawyers Fighting for Everything You’re Owed

Whether your case can settle through negotiations or has to go to trial, your car accident lawyer in Washington will fight to include all of your damages and losses. This will include everything you have already experienced because of the wreck, as well as any future losses that you are likely to incur.

Likewise, your settlement shouldn’t just be limited to your financial expenses. A car crash and the injury it causes are all but certain to create several non-economic damages that decrease the quality of your life.

Damages Your Car Accident Injury Can Cause

Listed below are some of the financial and non-economic losses you might be able to include in your claim if they have resulted from your car wreck:

  • Lost wages and income caused by missing time at work while you recover
  • Reduced future earning potential
  • Current and future medical bills and related expenses
  • Car repair and replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and disfigurement
  • Decreased overall standard of living

Speak with a Washington State Car Accident Lawyer

You don’t have to accept the initial lowball offer produced by the insurance company. Instead, you can work with Craig Swapp & Associates and get the true value of your injury claim.

We can help you get the largest settlement available for your crash. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with an experienced Washington car accident attorney. Just complete the form below or call 1-800-404-9000 to get started.