Truck Accident

If you try to get compensation for your truck accident injuries by yourself, you’re likely to find yourself frustrated, confused, and just as financially unstable as you were before you started. Instead, enlist the help of an experienced Washington truck accident attorney.

Because of the massive size and weight of 18-wheelers and semi-trucks, getting smashed from behind or side-swiped by one of these huge trucks is likely to end in catastrophic injuries and property damage—or worse.

Many truck accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence. If you’ve been the victim of such carelessness, you deserve compensation for your suffering.

Our firm is here to help you with your case. A Washington truck crash lawyer will personally review the evidence, negotiate on your behalf, and fight aggressively to raise your chance of recovering a full settlement for your injuries.

Liability for Injury in Washington Truck Accidents

Although it may not seem so initially, your accident may have been the result of the negligence of more than one party. The intricacy of the modern trucking industry means that multiple groups may have acted in the operation of the truck involved in your accident. One or more of these parties, many of which may not even be directly related, could have contributed to the crash.

Your Washington truck crash attorney will scrutinize the details of your case to determine who should be held accountable for your accident.

Who You Can Hold Accountable for Your Accident

Some of the parties that could be held liable include the following:

The Truck Driver Involved in Your Washington Truck Accident

Truck drivers work long hours and sometimes attempt to driver their semis and 18-wheelers on little or no sleep. Drowsy driving is not an excuse—it’s a negligent act, and you can hold the trucker accountable for it. In fact, you can file a claim for compensation against a trucker for any negligent act that led to your truck accident in Washington state.

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies often hold some or even all of the blame for commercial trucking accidents. Whether they improperly scheduled a trucker or failed to complete necessary maintenance, they may owe you compensation for your injuries.

The Owner of the Tractor Trailer

Some commercials trucks are not owned by a truck driver or trucking company. Private truck or fleet owners often use their trucks to transport cargo for other companies. That means some of the responsibility for keeping those 18-wheelers fit for the road falls on them, and it also means that they can be sued for damages in the event of a truck accident in Washington.

The Cargo Loader Assigned to the Truck

The people who load trucks have to do so with various regulations and safety considerations in mind. If they don’t do that and that negligence leads to a truck accident, the victim can name the cargo loaders in their truck crash lawsuit.

The Manufacturer of the Semi-Truck or Truck Parts

Sometimes, no one involved in the truck accident was actually responsible for it. If a part on the truck was faulty or defective and caused the crash, the company that manufactured the truck or the defective part could be held accountable in your claim for compensation.

Those Responsible for Truck Maintenance

Some truckers and trucking companies do everything they can to maintain safety on the road. That includes sending the trucks in for routine maintenance. But what if the people doing that maintenance are careless? That can cause a truck accident, and you can hold the negligent maintenance technician accountable for it.

Contact a Washington Semi-Truck Crash Lawyer

When a truck accident leaves you injured and saddled with medical bills, you’re going to want justice. One way to get justice is to be compensated for the hardships you’ve suffered as a result of your accident.

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