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Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you recently suffered a serious injury after being injured in an accident that was caused by the irresponsible actions of another? If so, get the compensation necessary to recover from your accident-related injury by working with an Idaho personal injury lawyer.

Accidents that cause serious injuries come in many different forms. From car accidents to dog bites, if you suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you have the right to file a personal injury claim seeking compensation for the damages you endured.

Catastrophic injuries can change your life in ways you never could have imagined, leaving you with long-term and permanent disabilities, lost income, and mountains of debt. When filing a personal injury claim, your goal is to recover fair and full compensation for all your losses, including non-economic damages for your physical pain, emotional suffering, and how your enjoyment of life has decreased.

To understand how personal injury law applies to your case and what your next steps should be, an Idaho personal injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can explain your options in detail and develop a plan to recover the financial settlement you deserve.

We Represent Many Types of Personal Injury Cases

As long as someone else was at fault for your accident, you have the opportunity to file an injury claim against the negligent party. Proving fault can be a difficult task without help from an Idaho personal injury lawyer.

To protect your rights, our firm will thoroughly investigate the accident and collect the necessary evidence to build a case against the party responsible. Examples of some of the personal injury cases we handle on a regular basis include all of the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – If you suffered injuries during a car, truck, bus, motorcycle, or boat accident, you can seek compensation from a negligent party, road contractor, municipality, or vehicle or parts manufacturer.
  • Workplace Accidents – Negligent third parties not affiliated with your employer can be held accountable for your on-the-job injury. Contractors, product manufacturers, and property owners can all be negligent in these cases.
  • Premises Liability Incidents – If you suffered an injury on another person’s property or place of business, the property owner or business could be responsible. Claims for slip-and-falls, dog bites, and chemical fumes are common premises liability claims.
  • Defective Products – If your injury was the result of a malfunctioning or defective product, you can seek compensation from a product manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or advertiser through a product liability claim.
  • Fatal Accidents – You can file a wrongful death claim against the negligent person or party who is responsible for causing your family member’s death.

If you were injured in any of the previously mentioned types of accidents, or if you were involved in another kind of accident and aren’t sure if you can pursue recovery of your damages, reach out to a qualified Idaho personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Compensation for Serious Injury Claims

Personal injury laws in Idaho are detailed and complex, particularly when it comes to determining fault and assessing the value of damages. An Idaho personal injury lawyer from our office will carefully evaluate all your losses and determine the amount of compensation you are owed.

Damages in a personal injury claim are often separated into two different categories: economic damages and non-economic damages. When discussing your economic damages, we are referring to the damages that have had a direct impact on your finances, whereas your non-economic damages will refer to the effect your injuries have had on your psyche and lifestyle.

Everything from your financial damages to your lost quality of life will be taken into consideration. This process should also take into account your future losses—not just your current and past damages. Some of these losses that should be considered when calculating your claims value include the following:

  • Any past, present, and future medical expenses related to the accident, including any necessary future procedures, costs of prescription medications, surgeries, therapies, and medical devices
  • All lost income and wages, as well as reduced future income-earning ability
  • Costs to modify your home to accommodate a disability resulting from the injury
  • Reimbursement for any property damage caused by the accident
  • Your pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of household services, lost companionship and love, lost enjoyment of life, and inconvenience
  • Funeral and/or burial expenses and lost guidance if you lost a loved one

Additionally, there are some cases where you could be awarded a sum of punitive damages. These will only be issued when the judge finds that the actions of the defendant were willful or malicious in some way. The purpose of punitive damages is to punish the liable party and make an example of them in the hopes of reducing the likelihood of a similar incident occurring in the future.  

Dealing with the Insurance Company after an Injury

After determining the true value of your claim, your Idaho personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to negotiate a comprehensive settlement with the insurance company that represents the negligent party.

Insurance companies can be difficult to work with because they value their profit margins above all else—including your recovery and wellbeing. It is not uncommon for insurers to offer a small financial settlement that might seem generous—knowing very well that you deserve more.

For this reason, we always recommend discussing any quick offers you might receive with your attorney prior to accepting the settlement, no matter how tempting it might be. Chances are, if they’ve made a fast offer, they know how much your claim is actually worth and are trying to tempt you into accepting their settlement so they can get away with paying you less than you deserve.

We know their tactics and will not let them take advantage of you. We will fight for your right to recover maximum compensation for your injury, damages, and losses.  

Idaho Personal Injury FAQ

Making the decision to pursue the compensation you deserve can seem overwhelming, particularly when you don’t have any idea how the civil law system works. Below, we address some of our most frequently asked questions in regards to personal injury claims so that you can feel more at ease as you move forward with your personal injury claim.

Will I have to go to court?

The short answer: It depends. In some cases we are able to negotiate with the insurance company to achieve a settlement that is both fair and reasonable. Unfortunately, there are many instances where the insurer is through with negotiating and refuses to meet your needs or their obligations.

In these cases, it is in your best interest to bring your case to court, where an impartial judge and jury can hear the facts of the case. It would be well advised to, at the very least, prepare for the possibility that you’ll have to go to court.

What happens if I’m partially responsible for causing the accident?

Due to Idaho’s comparative negligence laws, even if you are partly to blame for the cause of the accident, you will be able to file your claim against the other involved party. Your final award will be reduced based on the level of culpability you are found to carry.

For example, let’s say the judge determines that you are 20 percent at fault and you’ve been awarded a sum of $100,000. You would actually come away with an award of $80,000 after your reduction. Your attorney will review your case to ascertain the expected percentage of blame you will carry so that you are better prepared for what’s to come.

Keep in mind that if you are found to be more than 50 percent liable, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a personal injury claim if the other involved party was seriously injured.

The insurance company asked me for a statement; should I give them one?

Absolutely not. As we mentioned above, insurance companies have become notorious for their deceptive tactics to reduce your claim. Manipulating the statements of their well-intending claimants is one of them.

Here’s what happens: The insurance adjuster says that they want to hear your version of the events so that they can go ahead and get your claim settled so you can get the money you need to cover your losses. Then, they may take your statement and twist your words to make you appear more at fault than you actually are so that they can pay you less than they are obligated to repay you.

It’s better to let the insurance adjuster know that your attorney will be answering any questions they have. That way, your award is protected from these money-hungry insurance companies.

Contact an Idaho Injury Lawyer

Whether you suffered a broken bone, a traumatic brain injury, or anything else, you can’t risk accepting a settlement that doesn’t cover all of your injury-related needs. To receive full compensation for your serious injury, contact an Idaho personal injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.

Our consultations are free, and there is no obligation to proceed past the initial discussion. To learn more, call 1-800-404-9000 or contact us online today through the quick contact form below.

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