Who Can Be Held Liable for Construction Injuries in Utah?

Construction is, unfortunately, one of the most dangerous industries. In 2019, about 10.2% of fatal injuries came from construction workers. For every 100,000 workers’ overall rate of suffering non-fatal injuries, there was an 0.1% increase from 2018 to 2019.  The following is an overview of some of the most common on-the-job construction injuries as well as insight into how a construction worker can claim rightful compensation with the help of a construction lawyer in Utah.

Common Construction Injuries

Construction accident Utah statistics show that one of the fatal on-site construction injuries are caused by contact with objects and equipment. Such injuries include but aren’t limited to being hit by machinery, falling from an elevated height, crushings, and being hit by falling objects. 

Other common on-site injuries can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, forklift accidents, crane/hoist accidents, and electrocution. Furthermore, construction accident Utah statistics show that accidents occur with the same frequency at both residential and non-residential construction sites.  

Is There a Difference Between an On-The-Job Injury and Being Injured While at a Construction Site?

A construction company is legally responsible to keep a construction site safe and secured to protect not only employees but also non-employees who may visit or pass by the site. A person does not have to be a construction company employee to file a lawsuit for compensation for an injury that happened at a construction site. For instance, a delivery person who is injured on-site can claim compensation, as can people who live near the site and are affected by a chemical spill or fire. 

Who is Held Liable for Injuries at a Construction Site?

This is a complex question. A person who has been injured on a construction site will want to find a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City UT as soon as possible in order to discuss the particulars of his or her case and identify which party or parties are at fault. In many cases, the construction company is to blame; this is especially true if the company failed to adhere to OSHA standards, provide safety training to employees, inspect the grounds regularly, use safety measures, and provide safety equipment such as hard hats, gloves, and harnesses. 

However, there are times when other third parties are responsible for the accident. The owner of a building being repaired or remodeled may be liable if the accident was caused by items stored on site and/or existing problems such as faulty wiring. If machinery such as a forklift or crane is defective, the victim of an on-site construction accident can sue the manufacturer. Other responsible parties may include a developer, subcontractor, or even an individual construction site worker.

How a Construction Lawyer in Utah Can Help

A construction lawyer can help an injured individual collect and preserve evidence that can be used in court to prove who was responsible for the mishap. Furthermore, a good lawyer will deal with an insurance company and other party’s lawyers, so an injured individual can focus on recovery rather than legal work. Finally, a lawyer will represent a person in court or in mediation to ensure the injured individual receives rightful compensation. 

Craig Swapp & Associates offers fast, easy, and free case evaluations to help you understand what to expect should you move forward with your claim. We have many years of experience representing victims of construction site injuries and our team has a winning track record. 

We have seen the life-changing effects of construction accidents first-hand, and we take pride in fighting as hard as we can for each of our clients to ensure that deserving individuals receive compensation for medical expenses, pain & suffering, emotional distress, lost quality of life, lost income and earning potential and, in the case of fatal construction injuries, lost companionship and love. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City UT, get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity to make an appointment at your convenience.

Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp