From children’s toys to cars to medical devices, we rely on consumer products in countless ways every day.

Product liability law aims to hold manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of defective products accountable for the harm they cause. Defective product injury cases in Salt Lake City can take various forms, from burns and lacerations to catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

These cases are often complex, so it is essential to have a team of dedicated Salt Lake City product liability lawyers on your side like Craig Swapp & Associates to help you get the compensation you deserve.

3 Types of Product Defects

When seeking compensation for a defective product injury cases in Salt Lake City, understanding the different types of defects is crucial. The three main categories at the heart of many product liability cases in Utah

  1. Manufacturing Defects

These defects arise due to an error during the product’s assembly or construction.  Manufacturing mistakes may lead to inconsistencies between different units of the same product. Some examples of manufacturing defects include:

  • Contaminated Food or Beverages: Unsafe substances introduced during processing can cause illness or food poisoning.
  • Children’s Toys With Flaws: Broken pieces, sharp edges, or choking hazards create safety risks.
  • Automotive Components With Defects: Vehicles with faulty brakes, airbags, or steering systems can lead to devastating accidents.
  1. Design Defects

These defects are inherent in the product’s design, leading to dangers even when the product is manufactured perfectly according to its specifications. In these cases, the entire product line can potentially cause harm.  Examples of design defects include:

  • Medications With Dangerous Side Effects: Insufficient testing or a lack of transparency about potential health risks can make medications harmful even when used as prescribed.
  • Vehicles With Stability Issues: Certain vehicle models may have a high center of gravity, making them prone to rollover accidents during normal maneuvers.
  • Household Appliances That Pose Risks: Appliances with electrical flaws or a tendency to overheat can result in fires or burn injuries
  1. Warning/Labeling Defects

Warning or labeling defects, also known as “marketing defects,” refer to situations where a product lacks adequate instructions for safe use or fails to warn consumers about potential risks. Examples include:

  • Power Tools Lacking Safety Warnings: Without detailed instructions on how to use equipment safely, consumers risk severe injuries.
  • Medications Without Sufficient Side-Effect Warnings: Patients may not be fully aware of the risks associated with a medication.
  • Allergens Omitted From Food Labels: Individuals with severe allergies might experience life-threatening reactions due to inadequate labeling.

If you believe you have suffered a defective product injury in Salt Lake City, it is essential to understand the complexities of product liability cases in Utah.

Proving a Product Liability Injury Cases in Salt Lake City

In Utah, a successful defective product lawsuit in Utah often hinges on proving your case under one of three potential legal theories:

  1. Strict Liability – The most common path in product liability claims,  strict liability focuses on the dangerous nature of the product itself.   By showing that the product had a defect and that the defect directly caused your injuries, you will not need to prove that the manufacturer was careless in any way to obtain compensation.
  2. Negligence – When a manufacturer’s actions – including errors in design, production, or the provision of adequate warnings – fall below a reasonable standard of care, the result might be a defective and harmful product. Salt Lake City product liability lawyers  can expertly examine whether you have grounds for a negligence-based claim in your case.
  3. Breach of Warranty – Warranties serve as a type of guarantee. Any promise, expressed or implied, that a product will be safe and function as expected can hold the manufacturer accountable when things go wrong. If a product fails to meet this standard and causes you harm, you might have a basis for a breach of warranty claim.

Navigating the legal avenues in a defective product lawsuit in Utah often requires strategic planning. An experienced Salt Lake City product liability lawyer will carefully examine the facts of your specific case to determine which legal theory (or sometimes multiple theories) will give you the strongest opportunity to recover the compensation you need.

Utah’s Statute of Limitations on Defective Product Cases

In Utah, victims have two years from the date of injury to file a defective product lawsuit in Utah involving non-fatal cases. However, if the defect is not discoverable right away, the time limit sometimes starts when you discover or should have discovered the injury. Wrongful death lawsuits have unique deadlines.

What to Do if Injured by a Defective Product

Suffering an injury due to a defective product can be a traumatizing experience.  Knowing what to do is important not only for protecting your legal rights but also for safeguarding your health. Here is what you need to prioritize:

  1. Preserve Evidence

Do not dispose of the product, packaging, or instructions. Document everything and talk with Craig Swapp & Associates right away to ensure the preservation of key evidence.

  1. Seek Medical Attention

See a doctor immediately, even if your injuries seem minor. You need to ensure you are medically sound and to create a record of your harm.

  1. Contact an Experienced Attorney

An experienced Salt Lake City product liability lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates can navigate the legal system effectively and get you the compensation you deserve.

The complexities of injury cases in Salt Lake City require seasoned product liability lawyers in Salt Lake City, UT. Seek advice immediately to learn your rights and options if you or a loved one suffered a defective product injury in Salt Lake City.

Reach out to Craig Swapp & Associates and get the guidance you need. Our attorneys will tirelessly fight for the compensation you deserve.

Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp