An important facet of auto insurance is PIP or no-fault coverage. The following is an explanation of what PIP is, how it works, and how it affects you as a driver.

Personal Injury Protection

PIP stands for personal injury protection and is commonly referred to as no-fault insurance. It’s a type of insurance coverage that kicks in after you’ve been injured in an auto accident, independently of who is at fault for the accident.

Who is it available to?

In Utah, all auto insurance policies must include this type of coverage. It is not however required on motorcycles or trailers.

How much is it? 


How does it work?

Here’s an example of how PIP is applied after an accident. Let’s say Martha is in a car accident when another driver runs a red light and hits her. She has symptoms of a concussion so she’s taken to the emergency room. After the ER, visit she gets a bill for $2,900.00. Her PIP coverage pays the full amount because she’s under the $3,000.00 threshold. 

What if I caused the accident?

PIP is available whether or not you caused the accident. It’s often called no-fault insurance because it applies to you regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Does it apply to pedestrians hit by vehicles?

Yes. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle in Utah, the PIP on the at-fault driver’s insurance is applied to the injured pedestrian.

What if my medical bills exceed $3,000.00?

Let’s return to the example of Maria. Let’s say after the PIP covered her ER visit she had some back pain. She goes to a chiropractor and receives treatment for a couple months. She receives a bill for $1,200. Her PIP becomes exhausted. At this point, Maria is responsible for her medical bills, through her health insurance or other payment options. Hopefully, the at-fault driver’s insurance company offers a settlement amount that will at least cover Maria’s medical bills.

At this point in Maria’s case, it’s in her best interest to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies exist to make money, and it is in their best interest to minimize the amount they have to pay out when their clients cause an accident. Once a settlement has been reached, there is no going back for more compensation, even if more medical treatment is needed. That’s why it’s essential to reach a fair and full settlement. An experienced attorney maximizes the total settlement that victims of accidents receive.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by another driver, the attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates will fight for the following compensation for you:

  • All medical bills associated with the accident
  • Lost wages from time missed at work
  • General pain and suffering
  • A decrease in quality of life
  • Much more depending on the specifics of your unique case

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp