If you’ve been harmed by a dangerous drug or a faulty medical device, you’re likely not alone. If there’s a risk that such products could similarly injure others, you should report the matter as soon as possible.

Filing a mass tort claim provides victims an avenue for compensation to cover the damages done to them. If you’re not the only injured party, it may be time to speak with a lawyer to prepare for a mass tort claim

What Is a Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a wrongful act that causes harm to multiple people, similar to a regular tort but on a much larger scale. Mass torts are usually the result of negligence on the part of a company, organization, or corporation. Given the requirement that claims are filed individually, companies are likely to face many claims over the same issue at once.

Common mass torts often concern wrongful acts surrounding prescription drugs, product liability, and toxic contamination. Product liability issues generally stem from the release of devices that cause harm due to manufacturing issues, defects, or inadequate warnings or instructions.

What Do I Do to Get Involved With a Mass Tort?

If you believe you’ve been involved in an accident that justifies a mass tort claim, your first step should be to report the incident. You should then consider hiring an experienced lawyer to discuss the incident and investigate the scale of the damage caused by the product. Your lawyer will examine the evidence and help you understand the details of your case.

Once your lawyer has determined that your claim justifies a mass tort, they’ll work to identify the nature of your injuries or illness. They’ll gather any relevant information, including evidence from others who’ve suffered from the same incident.

They’ll then present the case to a federal judge. At this stage, negotiations will occur between yourself and the opposing party to reach an acceptable settlement agreement. This process must conclude within state time limits. The statute of limitations on mass tort claims spans two years from the time you were injured or were made aware of your injuries.

The details of your case play a big part in determinining how long this whole process takes. Many mass tort claims are settled privately between parties, without the need for a court hearing. Relying on the support of an experienced lawyer is of the utmost importance during this stage. Their ability to present your case convincingly will greatly impact the settlement offered to you.

Choosing a Top-Rated Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a mass tort incident due to the negligence of another party and wish to pursue a claim with the aid of an experienced lawyer, get in touch with our team at Craig Swapp & Associates. We’re always happy to provide guidance, advice, and representation to reach the right outcome and begin repairing the damage done.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp