On October 18, a motorcyclist became the latest statistic in a sad trend here in the Treasure Valley. That biker died in a crash on Gowen Road near Federal Way, making him the fourteenth traffic fatality in the city of Boise in 2017 and the eighth on a motorcycle.

That might not seem like a large number, but it’s a huge jump over recent years. In fact, Boise averaged fewer than two motorcycle deaths per year over the past five years, and in 2016, there were none at all. The spike is disturbing, and local authorities aren’t sure why it’s happened, but attribute some of the fatalities to operators not wearing helmets.

A Boise Police Department spokesperson has noted that the majority of fatal motorcycle crashes this year have been blamed on riders, but historically about half of crashes are caused by someone else.

Part of a Larger Trend

Motorcyclists aren’t the only ones seeing an increase in fatal crashes, and Boise isn’t the only location on the hot seat. In 2016, Idaho saw a shocking 17 percent increase in total motor vehicle fatalities, and an increase is expected again in 2017. While Boise has seen the most obvious spike in motorcycle deaths, the state as a whole has already experienced more this year (twenty-five) than all of last year (twenty-three).

Similar trends have appeared nationwide, with overall traffic fatalities up more than 14 percent over the last two years—the sharpest increase in fifty years. Motorcyclist deaths were up more than 5 percent in just one year.

Ride Safely, Ride Defensively

There’s little question that bikers are more vulnerable than other motorists. The statistics bear this out, with reliable data giving bikers a risk of an injury crash five times higher than that of a car occupant, and a risk of a fatal crash a staggering twenty-nine times higher.

For their own safety, bikers need to operate defensively by taking extra steps to avoid collisions. The other driver might be the one at fault, but the biker will suffer for it so it’s in their best interest. They also, of course, should make the same safe decisions all drivers benefit from: don’t drive under the influence, obey the speed limit, avoid distractions, and use available safety equipment.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp