Last month a jury in Bryan, Texas awarded a $22 million verdict against a Texas A&M student (Vestal) who killed a Baylor University senior, while inattentively driving and sending text messages at the same time. Vestal declared bankruptcy before the trial and the plaintiff’s attorney represented to the jury that this wasn’t about money, it was about sending a message to the public to not text and drive at the same time. We have blogged several times about the dangers of inattentive driving, especially when it comes to texting. Many states have strict rules prohibiting texting while driving, but many people are still unaware of these laws, and the dangers of texting while driving. In this instance, the jury passed down an award everyone knew would never be paid. It was to bring attention to the problem we face in society with people who do things without thinking about the consequences of their actions. If you want the best auto accident lawyer representing you, call us today. We can make a difference in your case and get you every dollar you deserve.

Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp