A local Spokane couple, both of whom have been hit by cars while crossing the city’s streets, have called for pedestrian safety improvements. They’re trying to do something about it, too, by appealing to drivers to be more attentive and recognize that they share the road with others. They’re also urging the city to make improvements for safety as the downtown area grows.

On May 10, Douglas McCoy was hit by a pickup while he had a “Walk” signal in a Spokane crosswalk. He was bruised and a little battered but was not seriously injured. Two years ago, however, his wife, Amy McCoy, was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street only a few blocks from her husband’s recent collision. She wasn’t as lucky and suffered a severely broken leg, which left her bedridden for months.

Serious Collisions Common

The McCoys are far from the only pedestrians who’ve experienced crashes. Washington State has seen between sixty and eighty pedestrian fatalities annually (and far more injuries) in recent years. Nationally, last year was projected to be the worst year for pedestrian crash deaths in the United States in a long time, with nearly 6,000 expected—one pedestrian fatality, on average, every hour and a half. That’s up a shocking 22 percent in just two years. For every pedestrian fatality, there are four to five serious injuries.

There was a fatal pedestrian collision in Spokane in February. You might also remember the crash in March when a pedestrian was hospitalized after being struck at the I-90 off-ramp at Division. That case only made news because the vehicle involved—a cement mixer—was unusual. Most of these crashes, and most of the victims, get little media attention.

Crosswalks No Guarantee of Protection

Last month, a woman was hit by a car and injured as she crossed a street in Spokane. She was using an unmarked crosswalk, and the driver was given a ticket. Many drivers forget (or perhaps never learned) that crosswalks don’t have to be marked. By state law, the area within ten feet of any intersection is considered a crosswalk—whether or not there are markings or even a sidewalk. In this case, it was determined that the victim was in the crosswalk area and that the driver failed to yield. The victim was not seriously injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Spokane Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp