Semi accidents are unfortunately common on America’s roadways. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to avoid tractor trailer truck accidents. Our semi truck accident lawyer specialist has assembled 5 points to minimize a drivers’ chance of being involved in such an accident.

  1. Understand Semi-Truck Blind Spots – Truck wrecks can be avoided by simply understanding a semi-truck’s blind spots. Unlike smaller vehicles, semi-truck blind spots are expansive. See the infographic below and don’t travel in those blind spots for longer than is absolutely necessary.

semi-truck blind spots

  1. Yield to Semi’s Trying to Change Lanes – When drivers notice semi-trucks trying to change lanes, it can be tempting to accelerate quickly and pass the truck. Due to the large size of the truck driver’s blind spots, it can be impossible for the driver to see approaching vehicles and should he try to move over, it may cause a wreck. You can avoid this by making it a habit to yield to lane changing trucks.
  2. Be Aware of a Semi’s Limited Braking Power – One of the most dangerous things a driver can do is pull in front of a semi-truck and then slam on the brakes. Truck wreck lawyers see many accidents happen because semi-trucks are unable to stop as quickly as other vehicles. Give a semi at least two car lengths of space before putting on the brakes and try not to get caught in a situation where you have to slam on the breaks such as merging in tight, stop-and-go traffic.
  3. Don’t Travel by Truck Axels – The truck’s axels are where the wheels are on a semi-truck. These large trucks are prone to blowing tires, due to their immense weight. A blown semi-truck tire is heavy and can cause damage or accidents to vehicles nearby. Avoid such accidents by not traveling close to the semi’s axle points. See the diagram below.

  1. Be Cautious in Windy Conditions– Semi-trucks have a very different weight distribution than smaller vehicles. In windy conditions, semi-trucks can be pushed over. It’s always important to give semi-trucks space, but especially so in windy conditions.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp