An alleged drunk driver confessed to Nampa police shortly after hitting three people and fleeing the scene. The victims, a man and his two young daughters, were walking along Hillcrest Way around 7:30 on a Sunday morning when they were struck. The driver is said to have gotten out of his car, checked briefly on the dying victim, and then driven off.

Weird Turn of Events

Police received what they referred to as a suspicious call reporting the crash. They were able to track down the caller, and when they interviewed him, he admitted to hitting the victim and leaving the scene. He was arrested and arraigned with bond set at $50,000.

This same driver had been involved in an unusual crash two years ago only a few miles away. In that incident, he rolled the SUV he was driving after a passenger in the car set the driver’s armpit hair on fire. Three of the four people in the car, all teens, were injured, but none very seriously. The driver was cited for reckless driving but acquitted, while the offending passenger was ultimately convicted on a battery charge.

Victim Well-Known

The man killed in this crash had moved to Idaho only recently. Leslie Nassar, an Australian citizen, was known in his home country and online for his savvy use of social media and his prowess mixing new technology with political satire. His work had included digital production, a popular Twitter account, and a system used on the air by the Australian Broadcasting System. Some considered him a creative genius, and he is sure to be missed by many—especially his wife and three daughters.

Two of those daughters, ages eight and three, were also injured in the hit-and-run, but they were treated at the hospital and released. Nassar died at the hospital.

Driver Held, but Small Consolation

The family of the victim will have only small consolation knowing that the driver is in custody, but that’s more than some families ever achieve. Many hit-and-run accidents go unsolved. Nationwide, it’s estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of all crashes are hit-and-runs, regardless of whether an accident includes an injury or only property damage.

Many of these drivers are never located. In some places the rate of unsolved hit-and-runs is enormous. In Los Angeles, which has seen an especially large spike in hit-and-runs in recent years, police only solve about one in five hit-and-run crashes. But other victims do sometimes see justice served. A driver wanted since May for a fatal Boise hit-and-run was arrested in Arizona early last month.

Boise Auto Accident Attorney

The victims of all car crashes deserve compensation for any injuries they suffer, as well as any property damage caused by another driver. If you’ve been harmed in a motor vehicle crash of any kind, whether in a hit-and-run, by a drunk driver, by a distracted driver, or from any other circumstance where someone else was at fault, you should have an experienced law firm on your side to help pursue your claim.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp