A recent car crash in Boise underscores the amount of damage that 3,000 pounds of metal and plastic moving at high speed can cause.

In this case, eleven people were injured—many of them reportedly children and teens—when the driver of a Porsche Boxster Spyder plowed into a crowd near the Boise Spectrum Center. The driver was leaving a popular local auto exhibition, and there have been allegations that he was showing off for the crowd when the crash happened.

None Seriously Hurt

The victims were transported to area hospitals, and their exact conditions were not available, although none were reported to have life-threatening injuries. That’s remarkable considering that video of the crash shows the car spinning out and slamming into bystanders on a crowded sidewalk. After the crash, the car can be seen on the sidewalk with dents and a smashed windshield from the collisions.

Shortly after the crash, a spokesman for the Boise Police Department said “excessive acceleration” caused the crash, which was still being investigated. The driver, a forty-nine-year-old man from Eagle, cooperated with authorities and was not arrested at the scene. Whether to file charges, and which charges to pursue, will be up to the Ada County prosecutor.

Popular Car Event Tainted

The crash happened near the end of an informal monthly car exhibition, Boise’s Cars & Coffee. The September 16 event was the last scheduled for the year, and estimates hold that between 400 and 500 owners were showing off their vehicles.

Events like this are attended by many car enthusiasts, but it’s common for some drivers to show off as they leave. In fact, recordings from the scene show other drivers doing exactly that immediately before the crash. The organizers of the event issued a statement of support for the victims, also writing that they did not condone “unlawful exhibitions of speed at or around the event.”

This event appears to have had no serious incidents in the past.

Reckless Driving a Constant Problem

It’s a very fortunate thing that no one was killed in the Spectrum crash. Reckless or aggressive driving (which covers many behaviors) has been found to be the cause in more than half of all fatal crashes in the US.

That’s an especially sad statistic, considering that this type of driving behavior is entirely voluntary—it’s not like getting caught in a flash flood or experiencing a blowout, but it is something a driver chooses to do.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp