If you’ve been injured on a construction job, you surely have a lot of questions about your legal options. We will answer some of the most common ones now.

What Laws are in Place to Protect Construction Workers on Job Sites?

A plethora of laws exist to protect workers on construction sites. Most of these come from OSHA, and they seemingly cover everything. There are regulations about how to minimize slips-and-falls, regulations about ladders, laws about respiratory protection, and endless other categories.

Unfortunately, it is common to see violations of the aforementioned laws as well as others. These violations can be major or minor, but all of them serve to make a construction site more hazardous.

Because the body of OSHA regulations is so extensive, it is common for every job site to have several violations going on. Some of these are due to simple human error, but others come from deliberate negligence. Until an OSHA inspector gets there, the construction company is unlikely to be cited. That, however, doesn’t mean that crew members aren’t noticing the problems – and being put at risk by them.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is part of the federal Department of Labor, so it has jurisdiction across the United States. Construction isn’t the only industry it regulates. In fact, it has regulations for pretty much every industry. However, its presence is felt the most in high-risk industries like construction.

What Are Your Rights to a Safe Worksite?

Even though construction is one of the most dangerous professions, a Seattle construction accident lawyer will be quick to remind you, and site owners, that you do have rights to a safe worksite. If you get injured on the job due to your employer’s negligence or other wrongdoing, you can sue. Depending on the specifics of the case, awards can be in the millions of dollars. The company will also be subject to fines and other sanctions by OSHA.

What are the Most Common Construction Site Accidents?

According to OSHA, there are four that stand above the rest. These are: •    Falls •    Being hit by something that is falling, swinging, or otherwise moving •    Being electrocuted •    Getting crushed, sheared, or otherwise being caught between pieces of equipment or building structure

These accident types are known as the Fatal Four due to how dangerous they are.

Of course, there are plenty of accidents that don’t fall into the top four slots. A Seattle construction site accident lawyer has seen cases involving all sorts of falling objects, people tripping and slipping, and even freak accidents nobody would have guessed.

If You Are Injured, what Compensation Are You Entitled To?

Several factors go into a court-awarded damage award or an out of court settlement. In general, you can expect your Seattle construction accident lawyer to go over these possibilities with you:

•    Medical costs. Both your immediate treatment and ongoing rehab will rack up bills. These bills should be paid by the offending company.

•    Lost wages. You can’t make money while you’re recovering from a serious injury. The negligent company is on the hook for your time of disability.

•    Pain and Suffering. The fact that injuries hurt is not lost on the courts.

•    Punitive damages. These are often what takes a standard case into newsworthy territory. If the company did something especially egregious, or already has a violation record 10 miles long, your Seattle construction accident attorney will take the opportunity to teach that company a harsh lesson. While many of these awards are reduced on appeal, the final award can still be in the millions of dollars.

•    Negligence. This is often the root cause of construction accidents. Poor training of crew members, supervisors who overlook – or even demand – that corners be cut, rushed deadlines, and more all fall into this category. Your Seattle accident attorney can readjust a wayward company’s priorities quickly.

How Your Attorney Can Help When You Are Injured

When you get injured, the company you were working for will most likely want to make you go away, fast. Unfortunately, their attempt at this will usually take the form of a lowball offer that won’t be nearly what you are actually entitled to. Therefore, the first way your Seattle accident attorney will help you is by looking over any such offer and advising you on what a fair offer would be.

Next, your Seattle construction accident attorney will begin a counter-offer. Having your lawyer do this will block attempts to manipulate you, intimidate you, or use other underhanded methods to get you to accept a substandard deal. It will also let the construction company know that you are serious and ready to go to court if you need to. This alone can make them more willing to negotiate.

If there is a large gulf between their office and yours, your Seattle construction site accident lawyer will advise you to take it to court. We are highly experienced in fighting court battles. We will line up the expert medical witnesses, uncover past records and sanctions against the company, and do all of the other legwork needed to make your case. Then, on court dates, we’ll be there to represent you.

We will also stand with you through any appeals that are made. This will ensure that you are not left on your own if your opponent is obstinate.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp