Car accidents are always scary, but things can go from a small accident involving just a couple of vehicles to a major pileup very quickly. Here’s a look at the worst pileups in recent US history, and the factors that caused them.

  1. Catoosa County, Georgia in 2002 on I-75 – 125 vehicles involved – 39 injuries – 4 fatalities

This serious accident was caused by foggy conditions on the road. A semi-truck hit a wall of fog and then collided with the back of another semi. As more vehicles approached the accident, they were unable to avoid a collision because of the fog.

  1. San Antonio, Texas in 1994 on I-35 – 127 vehicles involved – 67 injuries – 0 fatalities

One of the largest accidents to ever occur in the state of Texas was caused due to slick roads and a bright glare from the sun. Thankfully, no one was killed.

  1. Alamance County, North Carolina in 2016 on I-85 – 130 vehicles involved – 20 injuries – 0 fatalities

In 2016 this massive accident in North Carolina happened due to major amounts of water on the roadways, combined with the glare from the sun. Police officers also reported that “rubbernecking” was also part of the issue as passing drivers focused on the accident instead of the road ahead. While an extreme amount of property damage occurred, there were no fatalities and none of the 20 injuries were serious.

  1. Stafford County, Virginia in 2001 on I-95 – 131 vehicles involved – 100 injuries – 1 fatality

The cause of this Virginia accident included slick asphalt caused by thick snow showers. Drivers continued to travel at a high rate of speed, leading to multiple accidents and a major pileup. Due to the severity of the accident and the resulting cleanup, traffic was backed up over 12 miles from the point of the accident.

  1. Kansas City, Kansas in 2010 on I-70 – 140 vehicles involved – 13 injuries – 0 fatalities

This incredibly large pile-up outside of Kansas City happened when a brief burst of heavy snow produced near-white out conditions. Motorists also reported icy roads. Cleanup took over six hours before traffic could resume.

  1. Sumner County, Tennessee in 2011 on SR-386 – 176 vehicles involved – 16-18 injuries – 1 fatality

The deadly combination of black ice and dense fog caused this major accident in Tennessee. The chain of events began when a car lost control and ran off the highway. Other motorists were unable to see the accident because of the fog and unable to avoid the collision because of the icy roads. 

  1. Galesburg, Michigan in 2015 on I-94 – 193 vehicles involved – 23 injuries – 1 fatality

Heavy snowfall created the conditions that led to this serious pileup in Michigan. A semi-truck carrying fireworks was involved in the accident, and the impact caused the fireworks to ignite causing a number of explosions. Another semi involved spilled acid onto the road, creating an additional hazard. Crashed vehicles stretched for hundreds of yards at the scene.

  1. Ingham County, Michigan in 2005 on I-96 – 200 vehicles involved – 37 injuries – 2 fatalities

The worst pileup in recent history in the state of Michigan occurred when a thick fog descended on I-96. The accident began with an SUV and a semi-truck and evolved into a pileup including 114 vehicles on the eastbound side and another 86 on the westbound side.

  1. Mobile, Alabama in 1995 on I-10 – 200 vehicles involved – 90 injuries – 1 fatality

Heavy fog rising off of Mobile Bay, giving motorists extremely limited visibility, caused this monstrous multi-vehicle accident in Alabama. With a whopping 200 vehicles involved, this is one of the largest accidents in US history. 

  1. Los Angeles, California in 2002 on I-710 – 216 vehicles involved – 41 injuries – 0 fatalities

The largest pileup in recent US history happened approximately 25 miles south of Los Angeles. A morning fog lay over the freeway and a semi-truck crashed into the center concrete divider. Due to very poor visibility drivers couldn’t avoid the wrecked semi, causing an enormous chain of accidents. Incredibly, there were no fatalities.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp