Most Dangerous Roads in Seattle

Seattle is a bustling center of activity and is well-known for its flourishing technology industry, stunning waterfront, and vibrant music scene. Along with the expansion and development of the city, there have come higher levels of traffic congestion and increased danger on the roads. As a Seattle personal injury attorney can tell you, there are many times when vehicles get into trouble simply driving around Seattle on the most dangerous roads in the region listed below. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a vehicle accident, either as a driver or a pedestrian, contact a Seattle personal injury attorney for help.  

Seattle’s rapid growth and development have also led to an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most perilous roads in Seattle and the reasons why they are so dangerous. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s crucial to be aware of these roads’ potential hazards and take necessary steps to avoid accidents.

George Washington Memorial Bridge

The George Washington Memorial Bridge, colloquially known as the Aurora Bridge, is an important thoroughfare for Seattle commuters. This 2,800-foot-long bridge connects Queen Anne and Fremont areas and is one of the most heavily used bridges in the city. It also happens to be one of the most hazardous, as your Seattle car accident lawyer can tell you, due to the enormous number of car accidents that take place every year, many of which result in fatalities.

The design of the Aurora Bridge is one of the key reasons that contribute to the risk that exists on the bridge. It was constructed back in 1932 and wasn’t built to manage the level of traffic that it sees today. Worse, the narrow lanes and lack of barriers make it a hazardous stretch of road for both drivers and pedestrians. In addition, the high speeds that drivers indulge in, combined with dense traffic, result in a worrying number of collisions.

Ballard Bridge

The Ballard Bridge crosses the Lake Washington Ship Canal and serves as a significant thoroughfare for commuters going to and coming from the central business district of Seattle. This bridge has a well-deserved reputation for being hazardous because it’s the site of a large number of incidents involving motor vehicles each year. This bridge is a particularly hazardous section of roadway for motorists and their cars as a result of its tiny lanes that cars have to squeeze through, the absence of barriers, and the lack of a pedestrian barrier.

A large number of heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles that utilize the Ballard Bridge is one of the big factors that contribute to the risks of the bridge. It’s difficult for these larger vehicles to negotiate the bridge in a safe manner, which endangers other cars and pedestrians. Also, because of driving conditions on the bridge, accidents on Ballard Bridge often result in chain reactions that involve additional vehicles.

Mercer Corridor

The Mercer Corridor is a heavily used thoroughfare that consists of several lanes and links the Seattle Center and Lake Union to Interstate 5. Recent years have seen substantial development and expansion along this corridor, which has resulted in the construction of several high-rise buildings, not to mention Amazon’s headquarters. The increased traffic and congestion on this length of road have turned it into a dangerous stretch to travel on. An unusual number of vehicle accidents occur on Mercer Corridor annually. Contact the accident lawyer Seattle residents trust if you experience an accident on Mercer Corridor or elsewhere in the Seattle area. 

Some of the factors that contribute to the risk of the Mercer Corridor include the fact that this section of road is one of the most convenient to take in the Seattle region. The posted speed limit is 35, but drivers often exceed this, and accidents result. There’s also an inordinate amount of traffic on Mercer Corridor at any given time of day, making it harder for drivers to maneuver safely.

Rainier Avenue South

Rainier Avenue South passes through several of the city’s most popular communities, such as Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill, and Columbia City. This road sees a significant amount of daily traffic. In addition to being one of the most hazardous roads in Seattle, it’s also one of the highways with the highest annual incidence rate of motor vehicle collisions.

This route is a favorite for several well-known companies that need to drive around Seattle. It also leads to several Seattle attractions, which only contributes to traffic congestion and increases the risk of accidents. To add insult to injury, the curving nature of Rainier Avenue South, along with cars traveling at higher than the speed limit, increases the risk.

Aurora Avenue (SR-99)

The portion of Aurora Avenue (SR-99) in Seattle that runs between N. Winona Avenue and N. 155th Street is considered to be one of the most deadly stretches of road in Washington. This section of the route travels through both Seattle and Shoreline.

One of the reasons for its notoriety is that it is filled with dangerous intersections. As drivers turn off and come onto this avenue, other drivers need to slow down or navigate around those other drivers, which often results in accidents. Another factor is speed. Since it’s so convenient to use this avenue to quickly get from one area of the city to the other, drivers feel empowered to ignore the posted speed limit and blithely zip along, increasing the danger for themselves and others. For help, contact the accident lawyer Seattle residents trust if you are involved in an accident on Aurora Avenue or anywhere else in Seattle. 

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp