Is Washington State a No-Fault Insurance State?

If you’ve recently been through a car accident in Washington state, it’s likely that you have some questions about how your insurance will handle the issue. 

In the state of Washington, the person who is at fault in an accident is required to pay for the damage that was caused. Washington is not a no-fault insurance state. Here, we’ll delve into exactly what that means for you, your insurance plan, and your wallet following a car accident.

What Is “No-Fault” Insurance?

In a no-fault insurance system, drivers are required to pay for their own medical expenses following a car accident. There are twelve no-fault insurance states in the U.S. 

In states that do not follow a no-fault system, people who are involved in an accident sometimes struggle to get the medical care that they need following an accident because their insurance company is tied up trying to determine who was at fault. This can mean that people who were hurt struggle to get continuing care (like chiropractic care) that can help ease their pain due to their injuries caused by their accident.

What are the Differences Between “No-Fault” and “At-Fault”?

In a no-fault state, people involved in car accidents are required to pay for their medical expenses, even if they weren’t at fault for the accident. In a fault state, the person who caused the accident is responsible for covering the medical expenses of the injured party or both themselves if both are liable. If you live in a fault state, it’s especially important that you work with a Seattle auto accident attorney to ensure that your expenses are covered. 

How is Blame Assigned After a Car Accident?

In the state of Washington, most car accident cases do not go to court with a Seattle car accident lawyer. Instead, the insurance company works to examine the evidence provided by the police report and reports of the people involved in the accident and then uses that information to determine who is at fault in the accident.

The insurance company of the person who is at fault typically offers a settlement to the other party. The other party has the option of accepting or rejecting the settlement. If the person accepts the settlement, they agree that they won’t take further action against the insurance company or the person who was at fault. If the person rejects the settlement offer, the case may go to trial, and you’ll need to work with the Seattle car accident lawyers from Craig Swapp & Associates to get the compensation you need.

How Can a Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Help?

If you’ve been blamed for an accident, it’s important that you reach out to an attorney at Craig Swapp & Associates to discuss your accident and ensure that you’re being treated fairly. If you’re being offered a settlement following a car accident, it’s also smart to talk with an attorney to ensure that you’re getting a fair offer. The cost of a Seattle auto accident attorney can be well worth your time when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve following a car accident. 

Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp