Common Workplace Construction Injuries in Salt Lake City

When you suffer an injury at work, you may be unsure of what to do. As an employee, you have the right to work in a safe place. Sometimes things happen that make the job unsafe, or employers may make mistakes that put others at risk. Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers are available to help you learn more about your rights when things like this occur. Don’t wait to reach out – and don’t assume you are getting fair treatment.

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OSHA Safety – What It Is and Why It Is

OSHA is an organization that aims to help support employees in ensuring their work environment is safe. Over the years, it has created numerous rules and requirements that employers must meet to minimize risks to workers. Because accidents on the job site are so common, especially in the construction industry, it is essential for these rules to be followed. OSHA requires employers to meet standards, conduct inspections and will complete evaluations after an accident occurs.

What Are the Common Workplace Construction Injuries in Utah

Workplace construction injuries are not uncommon. The work is often physically challenging, and the risks are often high. Some of the most common workplace injuries on construction sites include:

Falling from Heights (Scaffolding) Accident and Injuries

This could involve falling due to unsafe conditions, not using the harnessing equipment required for the job, or other common causes of falls. Falling from heights includes anything more than falling to the ground, such as tripping.

Slipping on Wet Surface Accidents and Injuries

Construction sites can be wet, and that itself isn’t bad. However, if the construction site is not properly managed, resulting in very unsafe conditions, the employer may be responsible for injuries that occur there. 

Electrocution Accidents and Injuries

OSHA has very specific rules for electricity work, including that a licensed electrician must do it. Even in those situations, accidents happen. Electrocution can cause significant damage and even death, which is why employers must follow very specific guidelines for minimizing these risks.

Exposure Accident and Injuries

Exposure accidents and injuries may occur when there’s exposure to any type of adverse situation, such as chemicals from equipment that cause a person to suffer respiratory distress. It could include exposure to asbestos materials because the proper steps to minimize this risk were not taken. In some cases, this can cause immediate illness, but at other times it can take a long time to become evident.

Unsafe Machinery Accident and Injuries

Faulty equipment, poorly maintained equipment or a lack of training on the proper use of equipment can create a number of problems for workers. This can lead to a wide range of injuries, including burns, entrapment, broken bones, and others.

Lifting Injuries Accident and Injuries

Employees should not lift more than is safe for them to do so or be forced to lift in an unsafe way. Workplace construction accident injury lawyers in SLC can help people who suffer long-term and chronic back injuries from these types of workplace incidents.

Repetitive Movement Accidents and Injuries

Reach out to Salt Lake City construction accident lawyers if you’ve been diagnosed with a repetitive movement or repetitive motion injury. This is caused by engaging in the same process and movement repeatedly. This can happen, for example, when using the wrist to hammer.

What Can You Do If You Are Injured While Working at a Construction Workplace?

Your first step is to file a claim with your employer about the injury. Then, seek medical help. Be sure the details of your incident are completely understood by the doctors who see you. Be sure to follow the doctor’s orders for your care.

What An Accident Attorney Can Do to Help

Salt Lake City construction accident lawyers will provide you with guidance in recovering the losses you suffered. This may include:

  • Helping you to determine what all your losses are
  • Representing you if your employer is trying to make you come back to work before a doctor approves it
  • Proving your need for long-term compensation for rehab 
  • Supporting you in claims for pain and suffering

Don’t settle your case without speaking to Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers first. Even if the insurance company wants to do so, reach out for legal guidance first.

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Written By: Ryan Swapp     Legal Review By: Craig Swapp