The aftermath of a collision with an industrial truck can be a stressful and uncertain time that leaves you wondering how to get compensated for your losses. Find out how best to handle your claim by working with a Yakima truck accident lawyer.

The injuries suffered in a semi-truck crash can easily change your life for the worse forever. Because large commercial trucks are so much larger than passenger cars and motorcycles, accidents with these vehicles are almost always violent and chaotic, causing a tremendous amount of emotional trauma in addition to property damage and serious injuries.

When you’ve been hurt or disabled in a wreck such as this, you’re going to need compensation from the at-fault party to enable you to recover and get your life back on track. Getting a fair settlement will also require getting treated fairly by an insurance company, however—something that isn’t likely to happen unless you have a Yakima truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates working on your behalf.

Cause and Fault in Semi-Truck Wrecks

In order to get the insurance to take your personal injury claim seriously, you’ll need to have the strongest case possible. This makes it essential to have all of the necessary evidence to prove that the other party was responsible for what happened and not you.

In Washington State, the percentage of fault that you are found responsible for will reduce your settlement amount by that same percentage. This means that if the insurance company can pin blame on you, they’ll be able to minimize what they’ll have to pay you.

Whether your 18-wheeler collision was caused by drowsy driving or improperly secured cargo, your Yakima truck accident lawyer will find all of the available evidence and witness testimony that can be used to prove your case. Even if a tire blowout was the cause, it might be possible to prove that the truck was overloaded or that the tire was defective and get you the compensation you need.

Damages in a Commercial Truck Collision Claim

Great or small, any expenses or losses you suffer because of your injuries or the semi-truck crash should be accounted for in your demand for compensation. By working with a Yakima truck accident lawyer from our firm, we’ll be able to help you identify every single way that the wreck has negatively affected your life and finances.

Listed below are just a few of the financial damages and non-economic losses that you might be able to claim in your personal injury lawsuit:

  • Lost wages and income, as well as reduced future earning potential
  • Medical bills for current and future healthcare required by your injuries
  • Cost of medication, mobility equipment, and medical devices
  • Therapy for physical rehabilitation or emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost companionship and sexual function
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Contact a Yakima 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

After a collision with a big rig, you can’t count on the trucker’s or trucking company’s insurance to compensate you fairly. A Yakima truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can negotiate your settlement on your behalf and bring your case to a successful conclusion. To schedule a free, no-pressure consultation, call us at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the online contact form on this page.

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