Make sure you get fair compensation for your motorcycle wreck by working with an experienced Yakima motorcycle accident lawyer.

It’s well-known that serious injuries and motorcycle wrecks often go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, it’s also widely held that motorcyclists are reckless drivers who are most likely responsible for any accidents that they get hurt in.

This bias against motorcycle riders is often exploited by insurance companies and their attorneys to influence jurors into believing that an injured crash victim should be responsible for his or her crash-related medical bills and losses.

If you were injured in a motorbike crash and are worried that this might happen to you, you should know that it doesn’t have to go like this. Instead, a Yakima motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you keep the insurance company honest and get the settlement you truly deserve.


Proving Fault in a Motorcycle Crash

In order to get full compensation, it will be necessary to convince the insurance company that you have a convincing case that will demonstrate that you had little to no fault for what happened. This will require investigating the collision and collecting the evidence to prove the other party’s liability. If successful, the insurance company will become increasingly likely to negotiate in earnest, as they’ll have little interest in going to court for a case they can’t win.

For example, if you were hit by a distracted driver while riding your motorcycle, your Yakima motorcycle accident lawyer might be able to request cell phone logs from the other driver’s carrier that demonstrate that texting was taking place immediately prior to the crash.

Likewise, if a pothole or loose gravel caused you to wreck your motorbike, a construction crew or government agency might be at fault. By demonstrating the risk that the dangerous road conditions presented, we can make it clear that your driving was not the primary factor in the accident.


A Comprehensive Settlement for Your Motorbike Wreck

In order to get a full settlement, we’ll first need to assess the value of your claim so that it won’t be possible for the insurance to lowball your offer. This process will require you to work closely with your Yakima motorcycle accident lawyer so that all of your damages and losses can be identified.

The mistake many crash victims make is only accounting for their immediate financial losses. However, if your injuries are likely to keep you from working or develop into a permanent disability, then this will need to be factored into your settlement along with any ongoing medical care. The same is true of all of the intangible negative effects that your injuries will have on your quality of life.

These are just a few of the damages that you can seek compensation for if they apply to your personal injury claim:

  • Lost income and future earning potential
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Mobility equipment, prosthetics, and medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Decreased enjoyment of life


Contact a Yakima Motorcycle Crash Attorney

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