An auto wreck can leave you traumatized, injured, and uncertain of what to do next. To find out if you have grounds for a compensation claim, speak with a Yakima car accident lawyer.

By far, car crashes are the main cause of serious injuries in the United States. When you’ve been hurt in one of these auto wrecks, you should be able to count on the insurance company to fairly compensate you for the injuries and damages you sustain because of the collision, especially if you weren’t the one at fault.

In practice, things rarely work out this way, as insurance companies are nearly always most concerned with maintaining high profit margins by lowballing the settlements that they pay to accident victims. If you need to keep an insurance company honest, a Yakima car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you.

What’s Your Auto Wreck Claim Worth?

The primary concern of most accident victims is getting a fair and comprehensive settlement—and rightfully so. Medical care is anything but inexpensive, and a car wreck can affect your life and finances in a multitude of other ways.

The insurance will try to get you to settle quickly before you can find out the full value of your claim, but a Yakima car accident lawyer from our firm can make certain that the settlement you receive accounts for all of your injuries, damages, and losses:

  • Current and future medical expenses for procedures, check-ups, and treatments
  • Cost of medication, mobility equipment, and medical devices
  • Renovations made necessary by your injuries
  • Vehicle repair and replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Decreased enjoyment of life

Negligence and Car Crashes

Aside from knowing the full value of your personal injury claim, proving the fault of the responsible parties will be central to a successful case. Your Yakima car accident lawyer will conduct a full investigation into the wreck and uncover everyone who was liable for what happened.

Your settlement will hinge upon having the evidence and testimony necessary to back your version of events. What form this takes will depend on the specifics of your case.

For example, a distracted driving accident that involved texting while driving will likely require cell phone records that demonstrate what the other driver was doing immediately before the crash. Likewise, an accident caused by a defective auto part will require a clear demonstration of what caused the part’s failure and the link between that failure and your accident.

How Partial Responsibility Can Affect Your Collision Claim

Having the strongest case possible is important because the insurance company will be doing everything possible to get out of paying you more than they absolutely have to, and this includes trying to pin the blame for the crash onto you.

In Washington State, the percentage of fault that you are responsible for will reduce your settlement by that same amount. This makes it important to have a personal injury attorney who can mitigate the amount of fault that is assigned to you—thereby maximizing your potential compensation.

Speak with a Yakima Auto Wreck Attorney

When a car crash leaves you injured and in need of monetary compensation to pay for your recovery, you deserve to have your claim treated fairly and with respect. To make certain that you get the financial award that you deserve, contact Craig Swapp & Associates to schedule a free consultation with a Yakima car accident lawyer. Simply call us at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the contact form on this page.