The aftermath of a personal injury accident can leave you very traumatized. By meeting with an lawyer, you have just taken the first steps on the road to financial recovery. The length of the first consultation may vary just depending on what type of accident you were involved in. Typically car accident cases are quicker than faulty product or medical malpractice cases.

How it works
Your lawyer will ask you to explain everything to the best of your knowledge of what events took place before and after the accident . The better prepared you are the faster and smoother your consultation will go. Witnesses, others that may have been involved, injuries sustained and medical treatments are a few of the very important details to include. Typically, the lawyer will let you explain the accident to them, before asking their own questions that they may have. As painful and hard as it may be, it is vital that you answer every question to the best of your knowledge. This will only help make your case stronger.

Your insurance policy is another important aspect that your lawyer will want to know all about. What type of coverage do you have, have you talked to the insurance adjusters or agreed to any settlements are just a few things they will want to know. They may also want to know if anyone has been interviewed in regards to the accident and who they may have talked to. Your lawyer will want to know about the current status of your injuries sustained during your accident. It is likely that they may advise you, if you haven’t already to see a doctor if you are still in pain. This way, if the case does go to court the defendant cannot argue that there are no medical records on file for your injuries. They may ask you to sign a form giving them permission to obtain your medical records on behalf of you.

Lastly, the lawyer will tell you about any fees that you may encounter during your case. After the initial consultation they will decide whether or not you have a case or if they want to pursue your case.