When trouble strikes and injury results, taking legal action afterward may seem extreme or intimidating. However, when the carelessness of another leaves you with expensive medical bills and a life-altering injury, it may be your best course of action.

It is an unfortunate truth that many people end up suffering from a personal injury in West Valley City each and every day. Because they are always accidental, even when preventative measures are taken, there is no real way to ensure that it won’t happen to you. After you’ve been harmed in an unexpected incident, Craig Swapp & Associates may have just the attorney you need to consult with. Any West Valley City personal injury lawyer from our team would be glad to provide the advice you’re seeking and get you set on the right path to financial recovery. Give us a call at 800-404-9000 right now, or start chatting with a representative straight from our website. We look forward to helping you heal very soon.


Common Personal Injury Cases

Nearly any situation has the potential to somehow result in a personal injury. Whether you’re cooking dinner or mowing the lawn, the risk is always there. Of course, some situations are more likely to end in injury than others. These events are the types most commonly associated with personal injury lawsuits:

  • Car, motorcycle, truck, train, and airplane accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Medical problems
  • Prescription drug issues
  • Dog bites
  • Brain injuries
  • Negligence
  • Product defects


How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Your West Valley City personal injury lawyer will work to tell your side of the story and demonstrate the other party’s fault. We investigate events; collect evidence, eyewitness testimony, and medical records; and call in experts if your case goes to trial. All angles of your case will be researched to determine if more than one party is at fault.


Will I Have to Go to Court?

Many cases never go to trial and are settled out of court. However, you do not want to risk being a victim twice by dealing with the other party’s lawyers or insurance companies on your own. They may offer you something that sounds good but is actually less than you deserve. Having a West Valley City personal injury lawyer negotiating on your behalf is the best way to ensure your best interests are accounted for.

Sometimes all it takes is demonstrating that you’re willing to go to court to get the other side to negotiate honestly. Once a court date is set, opposing attorneys and insurance companies become much more eager to settle out of court.


Why Act Quickly?

Acting quickly is essential because it allows your lawyer time to gather important evidence and develop a case that clearly demonstrates the other party’s fault. Any delay could wind up allowing opposing parties to avoid their liability.

Also, some cases in Utah have a very short statute of limitations, which means you can’t pursue them after a certain date. Once the statute’s specified time frame expires, your case could be thrown out of court without being heard.


Damages Eligible for Financial Compensation

Every personal injury case is different. Sometimes compensation may not be possible, while other cases have very strong chances of achieving fair settlements. Any damages and expenses related to your injury should be included in your case:

  • Loss of Wages
  • Past and Future Medical Bills
  • Detriment to a Marriage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Life and Financial Loss to Spouse and Dependents


How Does An Attorney Handle Personal Injury?

Our service goes far beyond the final payout. Throughout the life-cycle of your claim, your attorney will be only a quick phone call away to update you or answer your questions. We’ll make sure your paperwork is filed correctly, on time, and error-free. We will also handle the burden of dealing with the insurance company, taking the unnecessary stress out of your life, so you can get back to healing.

Some people think hiring an attorney cuts into their benefits. This couldn’t further from the truth. In reality, you are most likely going to receive a much better settlement with an attorney who understands your rights than you would ever get alone. Call the law office of Craig Swapp & Associates at 1-800-404-9000 to speak with a West Valley City personal injury lawyer who knows exactly what you are truly entitled to and isn’t afraid to stand up and make sure you receive it!