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If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a truck or semi-tractor trailer, you need a Truck Accident Lawyer you can trust to get results. Schedule your FREE consultation today.


Hurt by an 18 Wheeler in West Jordan, UT?

When you’re hurt in a serious accident with a tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, big rig, delivery truck, or other huge truck, you can rely on Craig Swapp & Associates to help you clean up the mess. Our attorneys in West Jordan are prepared and waiting hear your story right now.

Get The West Jordan Truck Accident Lawyer That Understands

Despite what some people assume, trucking accidents are not always the fault of the driver. In fact, there are times that the driver ends up being a victim as well. Sometimes, they are stuck dealing with noncompliant insurance companies too! It’s a rough situation to be found in, for all parties involved, and Craig Swapp & Associates wants to help.

Don’t let anyone (such as an uncooperative insurance company) take advantage of your time and money. Get a West Jordan truck accident lawyer on the case right away to put them in their place. After all, compensating you for your painful injuries is not only the humane thing to do – it’s the law! You have every right to make the at-fault party follow the law for your benefit. It’s only fair that they correct their wrongdoing by taking care of the damages done to your body. Get in contact with a live person at any hour of the day (or night) absolutely free. You can choose to email, chat, or call 800-404-9000. If you’re outside of the 801 area code, we have a toll-free number: 855-628-5050.