Consult with a West Jordan truck accident lawyer to get the help you need to bring your 18-wheeler crash claim to a successful conclusion.

Financial compensation for the injuries and other damages suffered in a commercial truck accident doesn’t come easy. The at-fault parties and insurance companies are certain to fight you every step of the way, hoping to push the blame for what happened onto you and limit their own liability.

To get the largest settlement possible for an 18-wheeler accident, retain the services of a West Jordan truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. We can take the fight to the insurance companies on your behalf and get you the most compensation possible for your collision.


At-Fault Parties in Big Rig Crashes

One of the biggest hurdles in filing a personal injury claim for a semi-truck accident is determining exactly who was at fault. Large commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and dump trucks generally have multiple parties involved in their operation, which means that any or all of these entities could be partially responsible for what happened.

Your West Jordan truck accident lawyer will need to consider all of the following parties when determining who was negligent:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Cargo owner
  • Loading crew
  • Parts manufacturer

For example, if your accident involved a lost load, the crew who loaded the cargo might have been at fault for failing to secure it properly. On the other hand, the company who manufactured the restraining equipment or trailer might be to blame if a design or manufacturing defect caused it to come loose.


Compensation for a Semi-Truck Wreck

Because the impact of the injuries suffered in an industrial truck accident can be so severe, it’s essential to make certain that you get fully compensated for your damages and losses. Accepting an inadequate settlement means that down the road you’ll wind up paying for things out of pocket—something that we can prevent by performing a full assessment of your claim’s value.

Your financial damages will make up the bulk of your settlement. These expenses also need to include an estimate of your future losses as well; it’s not enough to only have your current damages compensated. Medical care, lost income, vehicle repair, and therapy expenses are just a few of the items that will need to be covered.

You also deserve to receive a settlement for your non-economic damages—how your enjoyment of life has been affected. Pain and suffering, lost companionship, disfigurement, and emotional distress are just a few examples. These items might not have obvious dollar values, but you deserve to receive funds to cover them, regardless.

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