The damage inflicted by a car accident doesn’t just happen at the moment of impact. Related problems can reveal themselves in the days and weeks afterward. Whether these problems are worsening injuries, loss of income, or other complaints, a West Jordan car accident lawyer can help you get over these hurdles and on the road to financial compensation and recovery.

According to the Utah Safety Council, a 2014 traffic study found that a crash happens in the state every nine minutes, with a related injury occurring every twenty-three minutes, and a fatality taking place every 39.5 hours. Traffic accidents are all too common, and you deserve to know your rights when another driver’s negligence pulls you into one.

After the Accident

There are several reasons to contact a West Jordan car accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Some evidence will be time sensitive. For example, your memory of events should be discussed and documented. Also, either the driver of the other vehicle or his or her insurance company may try to get you to agree to things that are not in your best interests.

An attorney can help you answer a number of common questions after an auto accident:

  • Can I handle this on my own?
  • Whose insurance do I contact?
  • Will insurance cover this and how much?
  • How do I get my car or parts replaced?
  • I had things in my car that were destroyed. What now?
  • The other driver left the scene. How do I proceed?
  • Should I make a recorded statement?
  • My car is totaled. How will I get to work, and who pays for the days I missed?
  • Can I sue the other driver?
  • I have experienced panic attacks since the accident. Is this a legal complaint?

Utah Insurance Specifics

Our state mandates the first $3,000 of medical costs must be paid by your own insurance (known as personal injury protection, or PIP). After that, the other party’s insurance should pay the balance.

Another consideration is comparative negligence, which determines the percentage of fault each party was responsible for. For example, if you are determined to have caused 40 percent of what led to the accident, you will only receive 60 percent of the total possible compensation. If your fault is over 50 percent, then you get nothing.

A capable West Jordan car accident lawyer knows these specifics in and out and will help you to both understand them and minimize your fault.

Compensation for West Jordan Car Crashes

Victims of automobile accidents may need their insurance companies to compensate them for their injuries. But what compensation are you due? 

Your economic damages should cover any costs and billings you’ve received because of your injuries. For example, your medical expenses, automobile repairs, and hours you would have worked if you weren’t hurt should be added to your settlement. 

But it’s not just your economic suffering that should be counted. You also deserve non-economic damages for your intangible suffering after car, motorcycle, or trucking accidents. Damages like pain and suffering or emotional trauma can be difficult to calculate. Luckily, we’ve helped other car accident victims get the funds they’re due, and we’re here to help you do the same. 

Obstacles to Financial Compensation

Other snags in receiving compensation can include insurance companies who refuse to pay under certain circumstances, such as when they want all medical bills settled before making any other payments.

Many injuries, especially ones sustained in a traffic accident, can worsen over time or require repeat treatments. Sometimes new ones (like a cracked rib) reveal themselves once pain relievers wear off. When these situations arise with an insurance company awaiting the resolution of medical bills, it could leave you uncompensated for quite some time.

“Betterment” is another factor. This policy gauges whether you should receive new or replacement items to repair your car. If you get new parts and it’s decided that your old parts were in shoddier condition, you could be billed for the difference or be stuck with used parts.

Insurance companies stay in business by keeping costs down, so they may try to cut corners. That’s why it’s best to have a West Jordan car accident lawyer on your side fighting for you!

Let a West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer Help You

Some people think that their decision to not hire an attorney will save them money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A West Jordan car accident lawyer will be able to assess your auto wreck claim and determine if what the insurance company has offered you is a fair and justified amount. When it isn’t (and it usually isn’t), an attorney stands up for you and forces them to pay attention.

Without a car accident attorney, you will be second-guessing every choice you make. Every question you answer can completely change the outcome of your case. One wrong statement can give the insurance company an excuse to pay you much less than you’re owed–or even nothing at all. Remember, whatever they’re not paying you will be added to their company’s profits, which is really their goal.

A lawyer acts as the middleman, making sure that you are protected from being bullied into a low settlement for your pain. When it comes to your auto accident claim, your West Jordan car accident lawyer will do the talking for you. From day one, you should get a car wreck attorney on the line to get started on your claim for you. Getting started with Craig Swapp & Associates is easy. Just call 1-800-404-9000 and tell us all about your car accident. We look forward to working for you.