A commercial trucking accident doesn’t have to leave you bankrupt as well as injured. Find out how to get fully compensated by speaking with a Wenatchee 18-wheeler attorney.

Because of the large size of 18-wheelers and other types of commercial vehicles, the potential for injury is much higher when you are involved in a collision with a semi-truck. A typical, fully loaded truck can weigh as much as twenty-five times that of a passenger car.

The injuries that result can be catastrophic, and if the accident is not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation through bringing a personal injury suit against the responsible parties.

If you want to know more about the requirements for filing a lawsuit of this type, contact a Wenatchee truck accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. Your lawyer will help you investigate your claim, determine who was at fault, and assess how much compensation you are owed.

Establishing Cause and Fault in Semi-Truck Crashes

Whether a driver works for a trucking company or operates independently, many different individuals and entities will be involved in running and maintaining the vehicle. Any of these parties could be partially responsible for the crash and liable for your losses.

Your Wenatchee truck accident lawyer will gather evidence for your case and seek witness statements to ensure that you name all responsible parties in your lawsuit. Here is a list of potential causes we’ll need to investigate when developing your case:

  • Distracted Driving – Cell phones can distract all drivers. It may be necessary to obtain phone records to prove negligence.
  • Drowsy Driving – Federal regulations restrict how many hours a driver can operate a truck without resting. The driver or company can be liable if these laws are violated.
  • Unsecured Cargo – Cargo falling from a truck could be due to a careless cargo team or faulty restraints that could implicate the manufacturer.
  • Dangerous Roads – Road conditions or construction can often be the cause of an accident. Construction companies or government agencies can be responsible in these cases.
  • Inadequate Training – A trucker might not have had proper training in the driving techniques and safety concerns of such a large vehicle.
  • Unrealistic Schedules – Some trucking companies encourage drivers to hurry without considering the risks involved. They reward faster vehicle speeds and more consecutive hours of operation without rest, which causes accidents.

Compensation for Your Commercial Trucking Accident

After cause and fault are determined, the next step in this kind of lawsuit is to send a demand letter to the at-fault party’s insurance company requesting a settlement.

Insurance companies focus on resolving claims for the least possible amount of money. They do this because they do not have your best interests in mind, instead focusing on their own bottom line.

Your lawyer will fight to ensure that you get full compensation that takes into account all your losses. From loss of income and earning potential to medical costs and emotional anguish, you deserve to recuperate your damages.

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