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Washington Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer

Infections, organ perforation, and tissue erosion are all associated with TVM, and if you have suffered from any of these, you need a transvaginal mesh lawyer in WA. This faulty medical device has been used to help women suffering from a pelvic prolapse, but with serious side effects, it has caused significant issues far beyond what it could have corrected. If you are a victim of this faulty device, you have rights and an attorney can help protect them.

What Is TVM?transvaginal-mesh-lawyer-washington-2

This is a small piece of mesh similar to that of a hammock. It is implanted in order to provide support to pelvic organs, making it ideal for stopping a prolapse. As a result, many OBGYNs have recommended the device to patients and implanted it by the thousands.

Side Effects of TVM

Erosion is an incredibly common side effect that results in the mesh wearing through a woman’s soft tissue. The problem is that removing the mesh after erosion has started can be impossible or incredibly painful. The mesh literally becomes entangled with the tissue, making it difficult to separate the two. As a result of this and other complications, the impact of TVM does not always go away but can linger.

FDA Warning

The FDA received thousands of complaints regarding transvaginal mesh. These complaints ranged from mild complications to death. As a result, they conducted investigations and found that these risks were not rare and that the device exposed women to a greater level of risk than other surgical procedures aimed at correcting a pelvic prolapse.

How a Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer in WA Can Help You

Filing a lawsuit is the best way to hold the manufacturer of TVM accountable for manufacturing a faulty and sometimes deadly product. Over 70,000 women have already done so in an attempt to receive financial compensation for their injuries. If you have suffered due to your procedure, you deserve to be compensated for your medical bills, time away from work, and a loss to your quality of life. As an attorney, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf and work toward that goal.

Identifying the Responsible Party

Another way we help is by identifying all parties involved and determining who is responsible for the injuries you have suffered. During this process, we are gathering evidence and information in order to prove negligence. This is critical for receiving financial compensation. The concept of negligence is how we prove legal fault and is essential for ensuring that you benefit financially. In this case, the responsible party is the manufacturer; however, your doctor may also have some liability.

Determining What Your Claim Is Worthtransvaginal-mesh-lawyer-washington-1

When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss your case, what has happened to you as a result of TVM being implanted, and how that has impacted your life. The value of your claim is based on several factors, including what you have spent on medical bills to date and what you are likely to spend in the future. Next, we will review your work history and how TVM has impacted your ability to work like normal. If you have lost wages, for example, you should receive compensation for that. Our objective is to place a financial value on the various ways your TVM side effects have impacted your life. During your consultation, we can provide you with an estimation of what that may be, but the final number will be up to a jury.

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