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Washington IVC Filter Lawyerivc-filter-lawyer-wa-1

Craig Swapp is an IVC filter lawyer in WA and can help if you have suffered injury due to a faulty medical device. If you have been at risk for developing blood clots, you may be familiar with the IVC filter. This has been a common medical device used to stop their movement, ideally keeping blood clots out of the lungs. The challenge is that the filter has been fracturing or breaking and either all or part of it has been migrating toward the heart and lungs, causing even greater issues. The device itself is small and looks like a cage. However, while small in nature, it can be both incredibly helpful and incredibly dangerous, depending on whether or not you have any side effects.

Warning From the FDA

The FDA is responsible for issuing warnings and recalls related to products. They have issued a recommendation for IVC filters that involves having physicians remove them as soon as the immediate risk of a pulmonary embolism is no more.

Get the Medical Care You Need With Help From an IVC Filter Lawyer in WA

With the FDA recommending people have their IVC filters removed, there is a high need to go to the doctor for the procedure to do so. The challenge is that the filter can be notoriously difficult to remove. This can lead to further complications, the need for a surgery, etc. If the insurance company is trying to deny your access to necessary medical care, call us. We can ensure that nothing stands in the way of you receiving the care you need.

Filing a Lawsuit

You have the right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a faulty medical device. If you were harmed through the negligence of someone else, filing a lawsuit is a way to hold them accountable and to receive financial compensation for your physical injuries, lost wages, suffering, etc.

Determining the Value of Your Claim

When trying to determine how much money you could get, call our office and schedule a consultation. This can be highly subjective because no one really knows what a jury will do. However, there are certain ways to value an injury claim. To begin, we will review all your doctor’s bills. You were likely charged to have the device put in and then charged to have it monitored or reviewed. If you suffered additional physical harm, that should be noted as well. Additionally, we will look at any time you missed from lost work and wages. One aspect of our job is to put a financial value on the life changes required to make up for what happened to you. This takes time and experience, and we will certainly apply both to your case.

An IVC Filter Lawyer in WA Will Protect Your Rightsivc-filter-lawyer-wa-2

When filing a claim against the manufacturer of a medical device, you are going up against a corporate giant and their large legal staff. This is not your local business but someone likely accustomed to getting sued and spending time in court. They know how to work the legal system to their advantage. and they will do so unless you have someone standing up for you. When you hire our law firm, we become your advocate, a fierce defender of your rights. We will ensure that you are treated fairly and that you have your day in court.

Call an IVC Filter Lawyer in WA

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