If you have suffered pain or injury because of a medical device, you need a defective medical device lawyer in WA. We have spoken with so many families who have no idea of why they started feeling ill or experienced pain until their symptoms became worse. Very often, this results in the need for surgery or medication in order to undue the damage. At this point, you may have been told by another physician that your medical device caused your problems. When this happens, you should seek legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected.

Medical Device Cases Can Be Difficult to Prove

Washington Defective Medical Device Lawyer 1Unlike a car accident, where it is very clear that you were hit and suffered injuries as a result, medical device cases are far more complicated. As a defective medical device lawyer in WA, our job is to gather enough evidence to prove that a medical device was faulty and that it caused your injury. This can be more circumstantial because your entire health will be evaluated and under the microscope. The other side will try to prove that you were ill because of something else entirely. As an attorney, we have to go on the offense and begin gathering information and evidence as quickly as possible in order to prove negligence.

Your Doctor Has an Important Role to Play

While gathering evidence, we will need to speak with your doctor. We need to review your medical files so we can gain a firm understanding of what happened to you and why. Most likely, your doctor will need to testify in court so a jury can hear an explanation of how you suffered. For example, did you need follow-up procedures, were you scheduled for surgery, was your life ever in danger? These are things your doctor can testify to.

A Defective Medical Device Lawyer in WA Is Different from an Injury Attorney

Washington Defective Medical Device Lawyer 2We need to review extensive medical information, have conversations with your doctor, be able to understand that information, and then explain it in a context that fits within the law and is easy to understand by a jury. This is no easy task. Just going to the doctor can cause people to gloss over when medical terms are used in conversation. Now, imagine explaining complex physical conditions to a jury. We have experience in doing exactly that. It is a developed skill and to something critical to maximizing the value of your case. You will be best served by an attorney with this specific experience.

We Will Protect Your Rights

Manufacturers of medical devices generally have a great deal of money and high-powered attorneys. This is not the type of organization you want to go up against on your own. Doing so can be to your detriment because they will try to bury you in legal paperwork and overwhelm you during negotiations or at trial. Instead, you need an attorney to become your advocate, someone who will proceed with your best interests in mind, so your rights will be protected. This is exactly what we will do for you.

Becoming Part of a Class Action

If you are concerned about a medical device because you saw ads on television, call our office. There may be an existing class action lawsuit you can join. We can help you to do so if this is in your best interest. However, we always evaluate each case on an individual basis, and very often, you are better off filing your own individual case.

Getting Your Medical Bills Paid for

We can help you get your medical bills paid for now and in the future. As your attorney, our job will be to look to the future and work toward getting enough financial compensation to pay for your future medical bills, as well as what you currently owe.

Negotiations vs. Going to Court

Washington Defective Medical Device Lawyer 3As a defective medical device lawyer in WA, we can begin by negotiating with the manufacturer, if that is what you would like to do. This can work well when you are looking for faster compensation. However, they may be unwilling to settle for what you really deserve, and in this case, we are always prepared to go to court.

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