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Washington Defective Drug Lawyer

In recent years, drugs have become one of the first lines of defense against diseases, physical ailments, and even mental illnesses. Because of this, the once slow-paced production of drugs is now rushed and commercialized. This change in drug production, in general, has also lead to defective drugs getting into the hands of consumers on occasion. In some cases, it is the design that was rushed. In other cases, warnings were forgotten, or the drug was made incorrectly. Washington residents who experience issues with their medications in line with the information found here may need to seek help from a Washington defective drug lawyer.

Defective Drugs and Product Liability

No matter what type of product a company provides, it has a responsibility to the consumer. This includes medications. The United States Food and Drug Administration requires specific tests and research to be carried out before a product is released to the public with FDA approval. This process is intended to ensure that a drug is safe for consumers to use, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop defects from sneaking into a drug. A design flaw, a misstep during manufacturing, or a lack of warning where there should be one can all lead to dangers for the consumer. When this happens, there is a product liability to the consumer, and those who are taking the drug could be entitled to compensation for any damages that have resulted.

What Is Drug Product Liability?

Product liability is the liability everyone has when they participate in developing or producing a product. When it comes to drugs, it could be the result of an unknown side effect or even the introduction of a foreign material into the drug. While some people think that such cases are medical malpractice cases, the issue is actually one of product liability. Experienced Washington lawyers know the difference and can help you and your loved ones get the justice you deserve when facing a defective drug case.

Limits of Liability in Defective Drugs

In the state of Washington, there are limits when it comes to who is responsible for drug defects and generic drug manufacturing. Generic drug manufacturers base their formulas on the formulas developed by brand name developers. This allows them to create a same or similar product using chemicals that essentially do the same job as the ones in the brand name drugs. This also allows companies to create effective drugs that are often less expensive than their brand-name counterparts. However, since they do not use their own original formula and instead use a somewhat modified version of the brand-name formula, Washington state has ruled that generic drug manufacturers do not have liability when it comes to design flaws because it is not their design.

However, because these laws and guidelines can be complicated, you may have a defective drug case even if you don’t think you do. It’s best to contact a lawyer who can help you figure out the details to be sure.

Why You Need a Defective Drug Lawyer

The limits of liability in Washington state provide the perfect example of why so much research is needed when it comes to drug defects and product liability. It is important to place responsibility where it belongs so that the victim can be compensated when manufacturers, providers, and retailers make mistakes. At the same time, our ethical and experienced Washington defective drug lawyers know that addressing the liability for one consumer also means protecting other consumers who might also be at risk.

Experienced Defective Drug Lawyers in Washington

If you suspect that you or a loved one has been taking a defective drug, it’s important that you consult with the experienced lawyers of Craig Swapp & Associates. You may not be certain whether you even have a defective drug case, but it’s best to be safe. We can look at the details of your situation and help you figure out the best way to move forward. And, if you are entitled to compensation for a defective drug, we can ensure you get the compensation that you and your family members deserve.

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