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Walla Walla Truck Accident Lawyer

moses lake truck accident lawyerWhen you are injured in a truck accident, it can be a challenging process to find a rental car, manage your medical treatment, miss work, and struggle with the insurance company all at the same time. That’s where the great advantages to hiring a Walla Walla truck accident lawyer are seen. Some of the ways we can assist you are connecting you with an investigator who can help gather and evaluate evidence for your claim. An attorney can also negotiate with the insurance adjustors to get you the best settlement for your case.

Truck Accident Stats & Facts

In addition to the many car accidents that happen every year, there are approximately 500,000 truck accidents every year. These truck accidents are even more dangerous. You can be injured by a variety of different trucks: semi-trucks, commercial trucks, and even fire trucks. Semi trucks are your typical 18- wheelers. The maximum weight for these is 80,000 pounds. Approximately 98% of semi truck accidents end with one death. Another type of truck is the commercial truck. Commercial trucks are titled to a company. About 30 percent of commercial trucks are related to driver fatigue. In addition to the commercial trucks, there are approximately 2,500 fire truck accidents a year. If you were hurt by any of these, you might be entitled to receive substantial compensation for your injuries.

What Can Be Recovered From a Truck Accident?

When you have been involved in a truck accident, there can sometimes be a lot of damage to your car and even hefty bills that need to be paid as a result of the accident. Every case different, but you could be entitled to property damage for the repairs to your car. With the help of a personal injury attorney, your life gets back on track. Any medical bills that you may have can also be included in the final settlement for you. Pain and suffering, lost wages, the cost of a rental car, any future medical expenses are all things a personal injury attorney can help you recover in a settlement with the insurance company.

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