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As a Xarelto lawyer in Utah, we can help protect your rights and ensure that you have the opportunity to seek financial damages for any physical pain or suffering due to taking the drug, Xarelto. If you have heard about these cases and are unsure of whether or not you have a viable claim, call us. We can discuss your case and your medical situation, and let you know what we feel the best course of action is. In the meantime, here are a few questions we are asked on a regular basis.

What problems does Xarelto cause?

It has been linked to uncontrolled internal bleeding, a potentially deadly side effect.

What should I do if I have been taking Xarelto?xarelto-lawyer-utah-1

Go see your doctor to discuss your options. If they can switch you to a different drug, that may be your best option. Given the deadly nature of the side effects, you need to have a serious conversation weighing the pros and cons. While we cannot provide you with medical advice, we can answer your legal questions and provide you with direction on how to proceed with your case.

Do I have to join an existing class action, or can I select my own Xarelto lawyer in Utah?

You can work with your own attorney, and we recommend that you call us for legal advice. While some victims have joined together in their filing, this is not always in your best interest. We will advise you on how to proceed during your consultation.

Should I negotiate directly with the manufacturer?

We do not recommend this because they have a team of highly-trained attorneys whose job is to minimize the value of your claim. This is not your neighborhood doctor but a company that has zero personal connection to you and they are certainly not on your side. You need an advocate to fight for you, and we can be it.

How much money will I get for my claim?

That will ultimately be up to a jury to decide if your case goes to trial. However, when we are working to determine the potential value of your claim, we will start by examining the medical bills you have paid to date and finding out what you are likely to pay in the future. Next, we will find out if you have missed work or lost wages because of the side effects caused by taking Xarelto. Essentially, anything you have had to pay or any money you have lost will be included in our calculations. Additionally, there may be room for financial damages for pain and suffering, but again, this will be up to a jury.

Will it cost me money to sue?

We will not charge you for our services until you have received a financial settlement from your claim.

Speak With a Xarelto Lawyer in Utah and Do Not Miss Your Opportunity to Filexarelto-lawyer-utah-2

As a Xarelto lawyer in Utah, we encourage clients to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit as soon as possible after realizing that the drug has caused them problems. You only have a limited timeframe to file your case before it becomes too late to do so. This is because of Utah’s statute of limitations. Designed to ensure that litigation cannot linger indefinitely, a timeframe is on medical malpractice and product liability cases of two years. Filing afterward allows the other party to request for the case to be dismissed, and very often, it will be.

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