Residents of Utah are just like residents in any other part of the country. They rely on medical and pharmaceutical professionals to provide adequate professional information and products to assist them with their health needs. Most of the time, it goes as it is intended to. The individual buys a drug that is meant to help with feeling or performing better and it works as intended. Then there are times when trying to maintain or improve your health actually lead to making it worse. This can happen when defective drugs are involved. That’s when it is time to contact a Utah defective drug lawyer.

What Is Drug Product Liability?

At both the federal and state level, there are laws that govern product liability. The United States Food and Drug Administration helps to provide some of the guidelines and requirements when it comes to safe drug use. They even provide consumer information about drugs so that consumers can stay informed. When this information is incorrect due to a problem with manufacturing, design, or lack of warning, the drug becomes dangerous and creates a product liability issue for the drug’s designer, manufacturer, or distributer. In any event, consumers who become sick or injured because of the defective drug can be entitled to compensation.

Unreasonably Dangerous Drugs

As consumers begin reading about the details of product liability, they will find that there are federal and state guidelines for product liability and medications. One term that you may frequently see in Utah product liability is “unreasonably dangerous.” A drug is considered unreasonably dangerous when it offers more potential for danger than a consumer would expect from ordinary use of the drug.

Any product that is considered unreasonably dangerous obviously has the potential to cause harm when used. When this occurs with drugs, it creates a whole new level of danger because the product involves ingesting chemicals. Such chemicals might not react well together or with other medications, or the drug might be missing a vital chemical component, the absence of which creates a special danger for the consumer.

Signs of Defective Drugs

The signs of a defective drug may not be immediately obvious. For some, they look like an allergic reaction. For others, the drug just does not do what it is supposed to. If this is a drug that is new to the patient, it may look like the dosage is not strong enough or that the problem is with how the individual’s system is handling the drug rather than the drug itself. In cases where the individual has been taking the drug with no problem in the past and then suddenly experiences a new reaction or lack of effect from the drug, this may be a sign that it is defective.

One of the most important things a consumer can do is contact someone who can help them when they think a drug is defective. The sooner it is known that the drug is defective, the sooner it can be taken off the shelves and prevent others from experiencing the same negative effects. An experienced Utah defective drug lawyer will be able to help with the next steps.

Why You Need an Attorney

Defective drug cases involve a broad range of professionals, whether it’s medical professionals, manufacturers, drug companies, or retailers. Many of these professionals also come with their own legal teams who are focused on the best interests of their clients. It’s important that you have your own legal team who has your best interests in mind to help ensure you receive any compensation you deserve.

Experienced Defective Drug Lawyers in Utah

If you or a loved one has experienced negative effects that may be due to a defective drug, the lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can help you figure out the best way to move forward. Don’t risk your health and wellbeing, now and in the future, by attempting to navigate a complicated process alone or with an inexperienced lawyer.

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