If your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of their long-term care provider, help them get justice. Call a trusted nursing home abuse lawyer in Utah.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have an obligation to care for your family member. This includes their physical and emotional health and well-being. But when nursing homes fail to uphold this obligation, or worse, torment their patients through abuse, they should be held accountable.

All at-fault parties should pay. They may face criminal charges from the state, but you can also seek justice by filing a civil claim against them. An experienced Utah nursing home abuse lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates can help you through every step of this process.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common types of nursing home abuse in Utah and who might be found liable for the abuse your loved one endured. 

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Utah

Elder abusers find many ways to torment their victims without the abuse being discovered for a long time. Because there are so many different types of nursing home abuse, abusers can fly under the radar for weeks or months before you see noticeable signs of elder abuse or neglect.

Physical abuse, such as hitting, burning, kicking, punching, and breaking bones, is arguably the most common. But abusers are often discovered when their behavior escalates and they seriously injure the victim.

Then, you have financial abuse, which can involve the abuser stealing money, making unauthorized purchases, or making changes to your loved one’s power of attorney.

Other types of nursing home abuse that can emotionally and physically destroy a victim include emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect. 

Who to Sue for Nursing Home Abuse in Utah

In addition to the criminal penalties the at-fault party might face, your family may be able to regain control of the situation and empower your abused loved one by filing a civil lawsuit.

You’ll obviously want to name the abuser in your lawsuit, but you may be surprised to learn that other parties could have played a part in the abuse your family member endured. Some of these parties include the following:

  • Receptionists
  • Nurses
  • Nurse aides
  • Janitors
  • Other nursing home facility staff
  • Supervisors
  • The nursing home facility itself
  • The owner of the nursing home

Your nursing home abuse attorney in Utah will carefully examine the specific details of your case to ensure that all liable parties are held accountable in your nursing home abuse lawsuit. 

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