Most medications on the market provide major health benefits and undergo rigorous testing before being approved for consumer use. However, flaws in the manufacturing process and design defects can sometimes cause serious and long-lasting side effects that make the patient’s life even worse.

A drug that fails to work as intended is referred to as a defective drug. If your health has been negatively affected due to a defective drug, contact a Utah defective drug lawyer and explore your options for compensation.

Do You Have a Case?

If you have taken a bad drug that resulted in a severe side effect, you could have a case against the drug manufacturer, pharmacist, or even your doctor.

To have a legitimate case, the side effect must have harmed you in some way and you cannot have understood the full risk involved in taking the drug. As your Utah defective drug lawyer, we can help you determine how to proceed with your case.

Defects in the Manufacturing Process

Pharmaceutical companies can make errors in the production and design of medication. Once a pharmaceutical company realizes a drug is dangerous, they have a duty to remove the drug from the market. This process is known as a drug recall.

There have also been cases of accidental contamination during the manufacturing process. Much like with a bad design, this situation would necessitate an immediate drug recall.

Sadly, some companies care more about their profit margins than the health of their customers. If a pharmaceutical company thinks it would be less expensive to settle potential lawsuits, they may not issue a drug recall at all.

Don’t allow a drug company to prioritize their money over your health. If you have been harmed by a defective drug in any way, contact one of our Utah defective drug lawyers immediately.

FDA Approval Process

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a responsibility to ensure that any drugs or food products are safe for consumption. This involves a rigorous testing process all pharmaceuticals are supposed to go through before being made available for consumer use.

However, the FDA can make mistakes. Just because a drug is FDA approved, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is 100 percent safe. Some drugs have side effects that don’t become apparent until much later.

You Could Be Entitled to Compensation

The negative health effects of defective drugs can be severe and debilitating. Any medical expenses that result from this should be compensated by those responsible.

Once the full extent of a defective drug’s negative impact on your health is established, we can determine what would be a fair settlement amount and help you pursue it.

Contact an Attorney

Taking a defective medication can have long-term and dangerous side effects. If you have been exposed to a defective drug, you will need experienced legal representation when seeking damages for the harm you have been caused.

With our Utah defective drug lawyers, you will get that representation. To discuss your case and your options in further detail, contact Craig Swapp & Associates by calling 208-331-0167 or contact us online.