Because large trucks have such a significant size and weight advantage over passenger vehicles, injuries and property damage are all but guaranteed to occur in the wake of a truck accident. Back and spine injuries are some of the most serious injuries to occur in these types of wrecks.

While complete paralysis is fairly rare, it is common for those with a spine injury to suffer from a reduction in mobility, general weakness, discomfort, and pain. Regardless of your symptoms, if your spine has been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you could be entitled to compensation.

Working with a Salt Lake City truck accident spine injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates is within your best interests if you have been hurt in an accident. We can represent you throughout the legal process and ensure that your claim is properly valued, thereby enabling you to recover to the fullest extent possible.


Valuing Your Injury Claim

The degree of spine injury you have suffered will directly influence the amount of compensation you receive. For example, a ruptured disc requires far less care than paralysis. When valuing your claim, we review and account for all of the following:

  • Any wages you have lost due to an inability to perform your normal job duties or needing to take time off to receive medical care should be factored into your settlement. We will also determine if you are likely to suffer future lost wages.
  • Your medical bills should be paid for by the negligent party, so we will speak with your doctor to determine what your bills have been to date and what they are likely to be going forward.
  • You should be compensated for expenses required to retrofit your home or car in order to accommodate your spine injury or resulting disability.
  • Pain and suffering should also be properly valued. If we can demonstrate that the accident has harmed you or your family mentally and emotionally, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

After discussing each of these issues with you, we can correctly value your claim. This will serve as our goal for your end financial award, but ultimately a jury will determine how much money you are entitled to.


Why You Need a Salt Lake City Truck Accident Spine Injury Lawyer

The negligent party will be represented by their insurance company, and the insurance company will have a team of attorneys working on the case. Their goal is to limit the amount of money the insurance company pays out for your spine injury claim.

These professionals are not on your side, making it important to have an advocate in your corner. We can assist and advise you every step of the way:

  1. Proving Negligence – To receive compensation, we need to prove that someone else was mostly at fault for the accident. We can gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case that does precisely that.
  2. Ensuring You Have Medical Care – It is critical that you receive the care recommended by your doctor. If the insurance company has denied an important procedure or surgery, we can fight for your right to receive the appropriate level of care.
  3. Getting You a Proper Settlement Amount – We know how to maximize the value of our clients’ injury claims and can do the same for you.


Your Case May Settle Out of Court

The insurance company may make a settlement offer at any time during this process. When this happens, we can advise you regarding whether to accept the offer. If it is fair, settling early can save you time and money.

However, sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit in order to demonstrate that you are serious about your spine injury claim. Whatever your case requires, we can represent you every step of the way.


Schedule a Free Consultation with a Salt Lake City Truck Accident Lawyer

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