If you have suffered a broken or fractured bone during a truck accident, you need an experienced Salt Lake City truck accident broken bone lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates on your side. We will prevent you from being taken advantage of by insurance companies and ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

With thousands of people injured in truck crashes each year, trucking companies and their insurers have teams of lawyers representing them. You need an experienced attorney to represent you to ensure that your claim is treated fairly—which is where we come in.


Are You Receiving Enough Compensation for Your Claim?

Too many accident victims leave money on the table by not requesting compensation for every effect that an injury has had on their life. After suffering a fractured or broken bone in a truck accident, you are likely to experience a number of financial expenses:

  • Immediate and ongoing medical care
  • Rehabilitative and physical therapy services
  • Crutches, a wheelchair, or other home medical equipment to assist with mobility
  • Hiring a caregiver for yourself or your children
  • Transportation to and from your medical appointments and work
  • Lost wages and income due to time off work
  • Retrofitting your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury or disability

You could be entitled to money to pay for any financial losses or damages that result from your accident.


How the Legal Process Works

Once you retain our services for your broken bone injury claim, we will go to work gathering evidence to build a strong case. We need to prove who was responsible for your truck accident, what caused it, and how your broken bone has impacted your life. We will develop a case that fully demonstrates the at-fault party’s negligence by pursuing all possible evidence:

  • Obtaining accident reports
  • Speaking with your doctor and reviewing your accident-related medical records
  • Gathering data on how your broken bone has affected you financially and emotionally
  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Reviewing photographs and video of the truck accident and its aftermath


An Attorney Can Uncover Information

If the driver or trucking company is not being forthcoming with information, we may request that they answer questions by completing interrogatories or during a deposition. They will have to answer questions while under oath, making obscuring or hiding information a serious offense.

With this information in hand, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf, naming all of the parties that contributed to the 18-wheeler collision and your resulting broken bone. In the case of a truck accident, this can include both the driver and the company that they were working for. If a dangerous road or some other external factor was involved, a government agency or a private company may also bear part of the blame.


Settling Out of Court or Filing a Lawsuit

Craig Swapp & Associates can represent you both in and out of court.

Once your lawsuit has been filed, the insurance company may make a settlement offer. We will review it with you and determine whether it is fair or inadequate. If the offer is not acceptable, we will proceed to court and fight for as much compensation as possible.


Help from a Salt Lake City Truck Accident Attorney

To maximize your compensation, you need to work with a truck accident attorney who has experience with claims like yours. This is exactly what you will find when working with Craig Swapp & Associates. Schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-404-9000 or filling out the contact form below, and discover what your options for financial compensation are.