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Salt Lake City Truck Accident Lawyer

At up to 80,000 pounds and up to sixty feet wide, commercial trucks can be an imposing sight on Utah roads and highways. Due to their massive size and weight, accidents between commercial trucks and cars and motorcycles often have devastating consequences, more than any other type of motor vehicle accident. The crashes themselves are often catastrophic, leading to serious injuries and death.

Suffering injuries from a truck accident can be a harrowing experience. From the physical pain to the emotional scars, an experienced Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will be crucial for allowing you to recover the damages you rightfully deserve.


Types of Salt Lake City 18-Wheeler Accidents

Several different types of accidents involving large trucks can occur depending on the driver’s behavior, the maintenance of the truck, the weather, and a number of other factors:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Jackknife
  • Underride
  • Truck rollovers
  • Swinging turn accidents
  • Lost loads
  • Overloads

The type of truck accident you were in will help your Salt Lake city truck accident lawyer determine who was at fault for the crash—and therefore who owes you compensation. For example, a tire blowout could indicate that the tire was faulty, meaning the manufacturer was to blame, or that the truck was carrying too much weight, making whoever loaded the cargo at fault.


Common Causes of Utah Commercial Truck Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), driver error is the number one cause of truck crashes, from distracted driving to falling asleep at the wheel or driving too close to other motorists.

Truck accidents in Salt Lake City can be caused by a large number of factors:

  • Distracted Driving – Just like with other motorists, truck drivers often become distracted by their phones, radios, and other things, which in turn lead to crashes.
  • Excessive Speed – Speeding in such a large vehicle is exceptionally risky, as losing control could easily cause disastrous consequences.
  • Fatigue and Drowsiness – Fatigued driving is a frequent cause of truck accidents. Drivers often travel long distances, sometimes going longer between rests than they are legally allowed to.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions – When a road in disrepair contributes to a wreck, it can make for a difficult time when determining fault. These situations often involve government agencies responsible for the road’s upkeep, so working with an experienced Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer is well-advised.
  • Mechanical Failure and Defective Parts – When brakes fail or cargo restraints come loose, crashes usually follow. The manufacturer or installer is often to blame in these situations.
  • Drunk or Drugged Driving – An act of gross negligence, driving intoxicated in such a massive vehicle puts everyone on the road in danger.


Common Injuries of Salt Lake City Truck Accidents

Injuries from commercial truck accidents can be physical, psychological, temporary, or permanent and may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spine injuries are particularly common. Both of these injuries can result in permanent disabilities and dramatic changes for your life.

Broken bones are also quite common, especially to arms and legs. In particularly bad wrecks, amputations, whether traumatic or surgical, sometimes occur. While a broken bone usually heals just fine, it will still almost certainly affect your life and finances in the short term, and an amputation will irrevocably change your life.

Because truck accidents are so chaotic and violent, emotional trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety also occur with regularity. These injuries may not be visible to the naked eye, but the impact they’ll have on your life is very real indeed. Your Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer will make certain that they are factored into your settlement.


Who Caused Your 18-Wheeler Wreck?

Because there are many contributing factors and components involved in truck accidents, there may be several parties that can be held accountable for your crash. A Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from our office can determine which parties are liable so that you can name them in your personal injury lawsuit.

Anyone who contributed to causing the truck accident can be held responsible:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Truck parts manufacturer
  • Cargo loader or shipper
  • Maintenance company
  • Government entity or business responsible for maintaining a road

An experienced Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer with our investigative resources can help you determine which parties are liable and the amount of damages you could be eligible for.


Monetary Compensation for Your Truck Crash Damages

Accurately calculating the value of a claim is easily one of the most challenging steps of any injury claim. You can count on insurance companies and opposing attorneys to offer you as little as possible in the hopes that you’ll settle for less than you should. This is why it’s so important to work with a capable Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from the beginning.

You could recover damages for any injury or loss you have experienced because of the accident. Current and future medical bills will form a significant portion of your settlement amount, and we’ll need to work closely with your doctor to arrive at an accurate assessment.

Any wages or income you have lost during your recovery will also need to be compensated, as will any additional expenses you have incurred such as vehicle repairs, caregiver fees, physical and emotional therapy, transportation costs, and modifications made to your home to accommodate any new disabilities.

Finally, your noneconomic damages will also need to be factored in. This includes your pain and suffering, damage done to your marriage and other relationships, and any other negative effects the crash has caused to your life.


Salt Lake City Truck Accident FAQ

No doubt you’ll have a number of questions and concerns in the time following your 18-wheeler accident. These are answers to some of the questions we most frequently receive, but a Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from our office will be happy to address any other concerns you may have.

Can I sue for wrongful death if my family member died in an 18-wheeler crash?

This depends on how you were related to the victim. Spouses, adult children, parents, and the estate’s personal representative may file, while stepchildren and other blood relatives may file for wrongful death under certain other conditions.

What is a swinging turn truck accident?

Due to the size of commercial trucks and their lack of maneuverability, truck drivers often have to make wide turns that “swing” into another lane. Drivers who fail to check their blind spots can cause a wreck when making one of these maneuvers.

What can I do if I was hurt in a hit-and-run truck accident?

It’s actually not uncommon for truckers to fail to realize that they’ve hit someone. Paint scrapes on your vehicle, security video, and eyewitnesses may all be able to help us track down the truck driver who hit you.


A Salt Lake City Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you have suffered injuries in a tractor-trailer crash, an experienced Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you through this difficult time. There’s no doubt that you’ve been through an event that was physically, emotionally, and financially traumatizing, so let us handle the legal hurdles for you.

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