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If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a truck or semi-tractor trailer, you need a Truck Accident Lawyer you can trust to get results. Schedule your FREE consultation today.


Hurt in a Truck Accident? Call An Attorney.

Have you been hurt in a large truck accident? Call a Taylorsville truck accident lawyer at Craig Swapp and Associates. We have a special focus on truck accident litigation all across the state, and we fight for victims’ rights in insurance negotiations and court proceedings to ensure they get full consideration under the law. We see the large-scale damage and pain and suffering our clients face in these types of collisions. We are ready to fight for you.

Our Taylorsville Truck Accident Lawyer Helps

In accidents involving large trucks, you may have very significant injuries. Truck accident litigation is a very specific area of personal injury law. There are many rules and regulations that truckers and trucking companies must adhere to in order to operate. This is why it is so important to seek the counsel of a qualified Taylorsville truck accident lawyer. You don’t want to take on the trucking company’s insurance company alone. They are adept at minimizing the monetary damages they will have to pay out, and typically only a truck accident lawyer who is very knowledgeable in trucking accident cases can get you the full settlement you deserve. At Craig Swapp and Associates, we are that firm, and we can help get you the settlement you need to move on with life.

We can help by fighting for the financial relief you need in your time of recovery.

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