After a car accident, you’ll need compensation to cover the costs of your losses. A car crash can be an overwhelming, painful experience, and when someone else caused that pain, you shouldn’t have to pay for those damages.

However, you may have already come across a serious dilemma: Should you sue the driver or the insurance company after a car accident? You might not be sure who’s responsible for your damages, which can leave you struggling to find the right person.

Fortunately, you don’t have to seek the best option alone. Instead, enlist the help of a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to help you find the right person to sue when you’re preparing your car crash claim.

The Driver Is Liable

After an auto wreck, you’ll need to exchange insurance information with the other driver as soon as possible. When you’ve been injured and looking for a settlement, you’ll need their information to hold them accountable. If you’re in a fault state, you’ll file a claim with your insurance company, who will seek compensation, or you’ll file a third-party claim with the other driver’s insurance company.

In most cases, you’ll need to file a claim against the driver themselves. They’re financially responsible, and if the insurance company won’t cover your expenses in full, you might need to seek compensation from the other driver through civil court.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

However, sometimes the insurance company is responsible for not giving you the full settlement you deserve. When we pay into our insurance policies, we expect those policies to protect our interests and provide the help we need when we’re hurt.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies will review your claim in good faith. They may be more interested in protecting their profits instead. In some cases, they may act negligently. You may be refused compensation unfairly, or they may use unfair tactics to keep you from your settlement.

When this happens, you’ll need to file a claim against the insurance company. Refusals to respond, threats, and other tactics to keep you from your compensation should be stopped. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you fight back when your insurance provider won’t help after a car crash.  

Seek Help Getting Your Settlement

Dealing with a car accident is already a painful, traumatic experience. When you have to decide whether to sue the driver or the insurance company after a car accident, it becomes even more complex and difficult.

Fortunately, a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you recover. We can review your claim and help you determine the at-fault party. Then, we’ll fight for you and for your compensation. You deserve compensation for a car accident you didn’t cause—we can help.

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