The injuries suffered in an accident with an 18-wheeler will call for serious medical care that can leave you buried in debt. Make sure you get compensated by working with a St. George truck accident lawyer.

The average fully loaded commercial truck can weigh up to forty tons, as compared to a typical car’s 1.5 tons. That means an accident involving a semi-truck could result in much greater damages and injuries than a typical car-on-car collision.

Recovering from an 18-wheeler accident can be incredibly costly, both financially and physically. If you were not at fault for the collision, you shouldn’t be stuck with medical and car repair bills that can rack up incredibly quickly. A St. George truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can ensure that you’re paid all the damages you’re owed after an industrial truck crash.


Determining Fault in a Semi-Truck Wreck

Although most truck drivers are skilled and conscientious, there are inherent risks in maneuvering these large vehicles. Even a minor error, such as failing to signal when changing lanes, could result in catastrophic damages when a several-ton truck is traveling at a high speed. There are many scenarios in which a truck driver or manufacturer could be deemed at fault for an accident:

  • Drowsy Driving – Drowsy driving is a common danger of commercial trucking. Some drivers exceed their maximum daily mileage and drive while dangerously tired, which poses a threat to their lives and those of all other drivers.
  • Distracted Driving – The risks of distracted driving behaviors, such as texting while driving, are compounded when an 18-wheeler is involved. Truckers who text while driving are over twenty-three times more likely to be involved in a collision.
  • Defective Parts – If brakes fail, cargo restraints come loose, or another part of the truck malfunctions, a manufacturer could be to blame.
  • Speeding – Some trucking companies encourage drivers to travel at faster speeds over great distances. This poses a serious risk to other travelers.
  • Drunk Driving – This seriously negligent behavior, when performed by a driver of a twenty-ton vehicle, becomes even more dangerous.

Multiple people are involved with the driving, maintenance, and operation of a big rig, and as mentioned, any one (or more than one) could be at fault in a wreck. Your St. George truck accident lawyer will examine all available evidence and witness testimony in order to determine fault and get you the settlement you deserve.


Trucking Companies Protect Their Own

Trucking companies often have their own investigators who come and visit the scene after a crash. In addition, they have their own attorneys to protect against expensive lawsuits. These lawyers are good at what they do: work to keep profits for the trucking company.

That means you need someone helping you get the money you’re owed for the injuries and damages caused by a negligent truck driver. Your St. George truck accident lawyer will work to ensure you’re duly compensated for the physical, emotional, and financial pain caused by a commercial trucking wreck.


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